Monday, February 1, 2016

New Age, New Look, and some New News

     Be matter what your age. 
So I turned 36 yesterday and I have to say that 35 was pretty good, but I'm looking forward to what a new year will bring. I don't feel my age and my kids (I call my students my kids) say that I don't act my age...not sure if thats a compliment or a an insult?? I'm going to just go with a compliment :)
Today was so sweet, one of my kids in my Digital Media class bought me a cake and my whole class scream/sang Happy Birthday to me and we ate way too much sugar LOL Good Times!

So with Jan. over, and all of us southern Louisiana teachers eagerly anticipating the Mardi Gras break, I can say I am beyond excited for my week off to make some big changes to my craft area. Yep I'm a nerd like that that I intend to spend my break redoing and organizing my craft room! I have big plans to make a lot of changes and the first one is that I commissioned the carpentry class to make a costume-made craft table. I'm so excited for the extra work area and additional storage! I am also going to be making room for the Silhouette and heat press which I plan to put to work! 

In the spirit of change I have decided that it was time for a new look for the blog. I used my new photoshop skills and gave the old blog a face lift. What do you think??
I also have some news...I will be opening a lil shop to sell mugs, decals, art, and fun cute things to make you smile. I think I'm going to use Facebook and Instagram as my selling platform for right now and see where it goes from there.

So I'm trying to decide on a cover photo and
 image for for my lil pass time. 
Tell me which image you like the best
1. (I really like this one)

2. (But kind-of like this one haha)

Here are also a few pictures of some of the things I've been making 

 I have a bit of a mug addiction 

Soon to be for sale

Made this for one of my kids that just turned 18 Haha!!!

Here is what my craft area looks like right now...I've got big plans!

So let me know what you think.

~Till Next Time

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Few Wows From This Week

So we finished up the first week of school and I had a few WOWs. Not all Wows are good. There the, "Wow that's Awesome," "Wow Thanks," and the "Wow Really??" I had a mix of those this week.

The first Wow was on my first day back at work. Monday I walked in bright and early (for some strange reason I was up wide awake at 4:15am...not my norm at ALL!). As I was palming in (yeah we're fancy at our school and have to palm in and out) the grounds keeper and maintenance man both were palming in and we exchanged "Happy New Years" and "How was your breaks?" when both of them said that they were shocked that they didn't see me at work the whole break. I laughed and said that I didn't work on anything school related and didn't come to work the WHOLE Christmas break. They were both surprised and told me so and one even gave me a hug and said he was so proud of me LOL! WOW do I work too much? I think I need to start taking my breaks and really taking a break. It was so nice to not do anything with school the whole 2 weeks! And guess what? I was ok, I didn't get behind, and I didn't miss anything. This year I'm going to stick to my no weekend working and remember that I don't have to do everything.

Second Wow came when I realized that teaching and doing what I do is just what I'm supposed to do. This was one of those "Duh...Wow it took you this long??"

3rd Wow: Wow 2 weeks off and I forgot how loud high school kids are!

4th: Was a Wow Thanks. Our awesome principal canceled meetings for the week (we were supposed to have 3) and gave us time to work in our classrooms and get ready for the new semester.

5th WoW happened on Tue when all the kids had left and me and my neighbor were chatting about how the day went and he asked me how it went and I responded with "Oh it was good" and he said "What, no complaining?" That was a hard "Wow is this what I project to people?" I laughed it off and told him that I was working on that...I really am!

Sixth Wow was Friday when I realized the first week of the semester and new year was already over, I realized my classes seemed pretty good, and all of Jan was 4 day teaching weeks thanks to PD and holidays, oh and that our week long Mardi Gras break is just 19 school days away WOW!!!!

Well I hope that you had a WOW week as well!

~Till Next Time

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Happy New Year!

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So I know I'm not the only one that did the "Best 9 of 2015" on Instagram??
Here is my Best Nine
Seems my art, hair, Mr. Bingle, and or Spirit Week Paper Rock Scissors costume was the most liked LOL!  

Well ready or not 2016 is here! I do know I'm NOT ready to go bak to school...what the heck happened to the past 2 weeks??  I did nothing for my break! Well let me rephrase that:
 I did watch a lot of Netflix. I'm kind of a documentary junky.

 I also ate WAY too much and now have a very tumultuous relationship with my scale.
Which led to me using some of my Christmas money to buy myself a Fitbit
Hoping this thing makes not only a good work watch but also helps me to get my butt moving and getting rid of the extra pounds I seemed to have found over the holidays. 

I did clean and organize my house and put away the Christmas decor

did a good bit of crafting and even made some Bunting with my One Little Word on it as seen above and here
A close up. Mr Bingley is all like "What the heck it's just some lil triangles.
You have better things to do, like feed me!"

Love this paper!
 Played around with some watercolors

and me and my Sharpies had fun with some of my Adult Coloring books

I even got out the Silhouette and t-shirt press and made a few things

I'm a true Southern girl and my Motto is "Monogram EVERYTHING!!!"

I even finished up my 2015 Creative journal before 2016!!
Love creatively documenting life and using it as therapy (I would say cheap therapy but thats not always the case lol) Another year in the books! 2015 was the year of learning to find Joy in the mountain tops and the valleys, and taking responsibility for not letting others and situations steal my joy. This coming year I will continue in the mindset of finding Joy, but I'm going to focus on the word Be.

So my One Little Word that I've picked to focus on and invite into my life this year is 

I'm going to do another post about my intentions for this word in my life once I'm sure what they are. I'm still mulling it all over but here are a few things I hope 2016 brings:

1. Draw closer to God this year. 
2. Spend less time typing and scrolling and more time reading and in the present.
3. Be more active. Get to the gym, use that Fitbit, and complete the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.
4. Pay off debt!
and there are sure more but working on what they will be.

I do know that I want to spend more time in God's word this year. One of the ways that I'm going to do that is through She Reads Truth and creating in my Bible Journal
 I got this a few months back from my mom  and love the idea of dwelling on God's word and combining creativity with that.
This is my Bible Journal and a couple of pages I have done.

So I am looking forward to all that 2016 will bring, as I'm sure you are too.
I wish you wonderful Blessings in this New Year!

~Till Next Time

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What Was My Focus

    Well it looks like blogging has not been my focus this year considering I haven't posted since March haha! Oh well I was living life and not blogging it (yeah that's what I will go with instead of "I was just too lazy to type).

    So now that I have some time and I'm work free, thanks to that awesome perk of teaching that is called Christmas Break/Mental Recoup 2 Weeks, I've had some time to consider what this year held. I've also started to think abut what I want my focus on for next year to be. My word for this year was Joy and I'm pretty proud of myself and how I was able to infuse the mindset of "Finding Joy" in all situations (may also have helped to be back on my meds haha! But thats not here nor there.) So as I was saying I tried to really remind myself that I could find Joy in every situation. My word for me this year goes beyond just being my yearly mantra or focus. It's one of those things that really needs to root in and
intertwine in my being. I see the idea of finding Joy something that I want to keep close all the time and to be reminded of everyday. I loved the Viking Symbol for joy and thought that it just went with what I needed to be reminded of, to have joy either in the Mountain top or in the valley. So yeah I liked it so much and felt that it was more then just a yearly long thing I went and made it like a permanent wrist tattoo permanent haha!

I picked the verse Ps. 138:8 as a reminder that I can have Joy no matter what because as verse 8 says,
            "He shall perfect that which concerneth me."

    So as I finish up this year I thought it was time to do a little reflective post, a recap of 2015. Overall it wasn't all that monumental... I went back and reviewed it thanks to Facebook and Instagram (who else has to sometimes refer back to FB and Instagram to figure out when things happened...please tell me I'm not the only one!?) Oh, and I loved taking a look at my year that I documented in my creative journal. So here are the major things that I set out to do. I said I was going to:
 "...stop comparing myself, my job, income, relationship status, house, life, and passport to others. That I was  going to enjoy the journey, whither it's a view from the top or walking the valley below. I'm going to stop focusing on the end and enjoy the middle. Was going to recognize that I am very Blessed and try my best to bless those around me, and also going to focus on being grateful for I am blessed with, and going to remember that no matter what 2015 may bring I can have joy because I know that God is in control of it all."

So I found a much better outlook when it came to work. 

I enjoyed the small things, and I feel like a was a lot more positive and focused on the Joy of the moment.

 Did I still have bad days...You better believe it. 

Was I always happy...Heck NO I'm still single and PMS every month so...

Did I enjoy teaching again, yeah. Do I know if teaching is what I want to do with the rest of my life...Still not sure. 

Was I thankful that I could text Liz with all those crazy text about how I was going to Puke if one more high schooler found their "One true love" while I was still better believe it. 

Did I travel, yep but it was just a cruise and a "Kind-of" Road Trip (I won't complain I could have stayed in Buras all bright spot!). 

Did I get down to my goal weight...not even close (heck at this point I'm not even sure what that is? I guess 5-10 lbs lighter then whatever I am at the time). 

Was I healthier? Well I worked out and consumed a lot of vegetables (Coffee counts as a veggie right? It grows on a plant...that's makes it count right??) 

Did I get closer to God?? Well there were moments when I prayed He would just go ahead and take me as I sat through yet another pointless PLC or faculty meeting. 

Did I read my Bible more....No I didn't. Just being real, my walk with God was more like a roller coaster ride. Moments of me getting really close to Him and then having moments were I felt like a was plummeting to the ground, hanging on tight and praying for things/situations to pass, fear I was not going to just forgo my convictions for the "Easy Way", distractions on the side, crying out to Him only when I felt like I really needed him, and feeling beyond blessed to know that in His grace I knew he was right in the seat next to me the whole time, even when most of the time I was focused on all the other things around me. 

I'm I hoping I do better next better believe it!

And the pics from my journal

Love my Family!
Yep, I turned 35! I know what you're going to say, "What, no way you can't be a day over 25!?!
I know I age well haha!

Had a nice lil cruise with Sammie

Got to go to the Art Conference and met one of my Blog crushes Cassie Stephens

Paid off 2 credit cards this year!  Helped with my 5th Prom.

Watched more of my babies graduate and go off into the big world.

Enjoyed a much needed summer break...I did work some but it was in flip flops so all good.

Took our yearly "End of School Girls Trip" to the Beau
Took a Road Trip my my sister Lydia and lil Bug

Fun times!!!

Started a section in my journal for all those notes and quotes I get from my kids LOL!! 

So now I'm sitting here wondering what my word and focus will be in 2016 and as with most things in my life it gets turned into a list.
So far I have no clue what next year will bring? I know I will be teaching, taking classes, enjoying my time with my family, maybe completing the whole 30 Days of Yoga Challenge, expanding my coffee mug collection, paying off more debt, trying to get to that darn goal weight, taking a group to Europe, and trying to live a life worthy of the title Christian.
I was sitting in church and may have been writing in my journal, when I thought of the word BE...
I also thought about the others listed but kept coming back to BE. Be content, be daring, be happy, be faithful, be kind, be...

So I'm going to try and not wait a whole 9 months before posting again. 
But if not... 

~Till Next Time

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My First National Art Convention!

     I was super excited to be able to go to the NAEA art convention this weekend. It was in New Orleans and being this close my Principals were super awesome and paid for me to go. I have been wanting to attend an art convention for a long time now and was excited for and my first one. I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations!!! It was also great that a bunch of the sessions were about digital art, a class that we will be adding in the fall. I'm nervous, excited, and...nervous to be adding this class to our art curriculum at our school. It's an awesome opportunity for my kids to have this class offered and the going to be great that they will be able to work towards being Adobe Photoshop certified! I'm nervous because I've never taught this and I'm going to have to do a lot of prep work over the summer and I'm going to have to get certified myself....lots of work for me this summer!! But I'm going to take the words of my friend and "Embrace the Struggle."
But after these 3 days I do have to say that there were so many people that encouraged me and offered assistance and made me a little less nervous about this new adventure. So if nothing else Thanks those of you at NAEA that were so helpful and made it a great 3 days!!

So this great 3 days of amazing sessions began with an opening session with Tim Gunn!

Got to go to some interesting sessions like this one

Got to meet a few of my blog idols like 
Sands and Purtee both awesome art teachers over at the they were some of the teachers that I looked to when adding more choice to my classroom. They were so both down to earth and had a great session!

But I have to say that I was the most excited to meet Cassie!!! I love her blog and think that you really should check it out at she has such an awesome blog, a classroom I want to take art in, and by far the best art themed outfits you will ever see!! She was also super sweet and took time to chat with me and even complemented my T-Rex sweater haha! I know I was totally acting like a blogger stalker when I was all like, "I love your outfits, your cat is too cute, and I am going to be trying my hand at felting because of you!" But she played it cool, didn't look at me and weird or run the other way, and was super cool about posing for a pic!

 This was a really awesome giant sculpture made from shredded paper

I think one of the best things about the convention was all of the free stuff that I got!! 
Sketchbooks, color pencils, paint, paint sticks, pastels, spray paint, glue, and great lesson plans!!
This was from day one

Day two of free stuff and I got to make a spirit tree at the Blick Art supply much fun!!!

The last day I took a Chinese Calligraphy class and it was super cool. I did have a moment when I was really stressed at having to do something that I didn't feel confident in and not feeling like it was turning out like I wanted it to. I then had that moment when I was like, "This is how my kids feel!" 

This was our example...

This was mine... Not like his but...

So it was a great three days! I do have to day that I was wondering what my kids were up to and how my room looks after 2 days with sub...I'm praying that they remembered all of my training and feared me enough to clean up after themselves! I guess I will find out tomorrow when I go in. Yes, I'm going to work tomorrow even though its Spring Break. I have so much to get done. I have Prom to get ready for, it's the Sat of the week we go back to school. I also have a ton of grading to do, lesson plans to post, projects to prep for, and art pieces to finish for the silent auction at the Art show.
Here are some projects that my kids have recently done.

One of my Art 3 kids painting

An Art 4 kid... she was playing around when she made this

An Art 3 students painting

My Art 4 kid

One of my Art 4 kids wanted to paint with crayons

And my boys...playing with their giant paper mache weapons LOL!!! 

I have a lot more artwork of my students to photography...maybe I will get to it this week. I'm super excited to have a whole week, Spring Break, to work in my classroom and get caught up...I know, Lame! Oh well, it is what it is hahaha!!

~Till Next Time