Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Air bubbles are pretty as they ascend from 14 feet below

I got my diving certification updated today and Im now ready for Belize!!! I about froze my butt off, it is to cold to be swimming. I did really enjoy floating on the bottom of the pool and watching the bubbles float to the top...I know, Im extremely easy to entertain! Im so excited to be able to go diving in Belize and Im really getting excited about the cruise.
Let me share my newest, bestest, all time favorite thing, my GPS on my Blackberry! I now am fearless in my driving. I used to not like to drive across the river or really anywhere that I had not already been to. I was always afraid of getting in a wreck as I frantically tried to find my destination. Now the lil voice tells me where to go and gives me a step by step to my desired location. I feel like I can go and find anything as long as the lil voice is leading me. Today it hit me that this was a little frighting, I just turned and went where she was telling me. There were some moments where I knew where I was, but there was also times where I was completely at the will of the little voice. I also just love that if I miss my turn then the lil voice tells me to make a U-turn and then redirects me. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a lil voice that told us where and when to U-turn in life and when we need to merge or to stay straight. So thanks to my lil guiding voice, today I found my way to Fleurty girl's shop, my new dermatologist that is out in old Metairie, an art supply store and then onto Harry's Dive shop. I was all over the city and without fear baby!! I may not have known where I was going but I knew the lil voice would get me there. Now I know that some of you are going to read this and attribute this to one more way that the world is getting lazy and yet another thing that does all the work for you. But I know first hand that this one form of technology has helped to expand my world and has made me a MUCH safer driver. Oh, and my little trip to Fleurty girl's was so worth it! I wanted to buy the whole store, but settled on two shirts. I included pics of the ones I bought today but I plan on collecting all of them! If your from New Orleans and the surrounding areas you should so go check out Fleurty girl's.

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jessica blood said...

love the shirts there so funny