Friday, January 15, 2010

BEEPPPP...the following is a Public Service Announcement!!

Ladies!!!! As a public service I write today's post to announce that Dillard's is having a 70% SALE on Shoes!!!! And Im not talking about the ones that no one wants, these are some great finds! Im talking Big names like, Cole Haan's, Blowfish, Coach, Unlisted, Antonio Melani, and Alex Marie, to just name a few.
  So today I spent the day in Professional Development seminars. I, and most of my colleagues, will agree that in most cases these days are usually a huge waste of time. I was so happy to go to my first class and to really enjoy it! Also, the morning session was not only engaging, but I walked away with some really great strategies that I can implement in my classroom. So I was thinking "Ok, this day may not be a total waste of time," when I thought to soon. Following lunch we then went on to three 35min classes on different topics. Well the day pretty much went downhill from there on. In the last class I scanned the class and counted four people sleeping and three playing with their phones. After a day of classes and training I had a little more sympathy for what my kids go through, but then again I think my classes are a lot more fun then what I was in today. There were no projects, current events, colors, chatting about the topic, music playing in the background, or strange or interesting facts. Just information and a very monotone speaker...I on the other hand have not, nor ever will be, titled as monotone! So I tried to salvage the day and do what Nicholls' Education department drilled into my head, and that is to learn in every classroom. Learn what to do in the good ones and what not to do in the bad ones.
  Having made it through the day, I felt that I deserved a little treat in the way of a manicure and pedicure (plus I just got my bonus check and decided that I was going to take $100 of it to spend however). So Sammie, Heidi, and I went straight to the nail salon for a lil R&R. Then following a wonderful, blissful, hour in the massage chair I still had some money left and decided I was in need of some apparel therapy. It was during my therapy season that I stumbled across the awesome sale! It was defiantly a turning point in my therapeutic recovery LOL!!!  Well Im super excited that I have an extra day off and I'm hoping to spend Monday painting! I have included a picture of the two pairs of shoes, that together totaled $24 bucks!!!
   So if you get the chance and need a little apparel therapy to get you through, then head on over to Dillard's or Marshall's (they had a pretty good sale as well) and get to work on that therapeutic  breakthrough.

Love the Blue!! And it seems that I have a thing for Houndstooth lately.

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jessica blood said...

I am so jealous right now. I LOVE the blue ones, and really like the Houndstooth, never thought I would. And especially like the price. I wish I could have gone shopping but Oh well maybe I'll stumble upon and sale in the near future.