Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Colorfull Day!

  Today was such a great day. My classes are still in the Honeymoon stage since its the first week. I really enjoyed teaching today. We did one of my favorite lessons, the human globe, to review basic geography skills. I have all the kids move their desks into a large circle and then label one of the students as North. I then have signs for the students to label the rest of the coordinates. Then to review longitude and latitude I have yarn that the students label and stretch across the circle to mark things like the equator. So they are stringing yarn across the room and labeling a giant human globe. Then I have them create a globe on a balloon (which they love!!). So all around a fun time and its always a joy to teach something that the students really get. My civics class was also a hoot today as well...Those kids crack me up!! Today they were leaning about different forms of government and then they had to create their own country with a government, flag, laws, rights, slogan, and seal. Its always funny to see what they come up with but today was just stinking hilarious. I feel so blessed to have a great job and days when I get to laugh.
   So thanks to my geography kids and their colorful globes, I have a very bright & colorful room that helps cheer all of us up with this dreary weather.

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