Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Day I turned 30!

  So today was just a regular old day. I did turn 30, but no big changes and I don't feel any different. My mom and dad gave me some nice gifts and my sis in-law and brother gave me some pretty jewelery. I had a ton of birthday wishes from all my wonderful friends on Facebook. 
  So only 2 weeks till I leave for my cruise!!! I'm so excited and so ready for sun and beaches. Now that my birthday is over and I'm two weeks from wearing a bathing suit, I really need to kick the diet into overtime!!! 
  Things have been going pretty good on accomplishing my 2010 goals. I have read my Jan. book and looking for Feb. If any of you have any book suggestion I'm all ears. I've also not had a soft drink in a month and I've post to my blog daily for a month now. 
Well I have a crazy week ahead of me and  I don't need to start it tired because I stayed up so late tonight. Oh, I'm looking for some new music...if you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment. 
                                              -Till tomorrow

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