Sunday, January 3, 2010

Feeling Creative Again!!

  I guess now that I am official done with my first year of teaching I can start to live my life again...everyone told me that if you can live through the first year it just get easier. I have to say that Im really starting to agree. I feel like I can now have a life beyond lesson plans, grades, and power points. You see I was smart, not really, but I was smart in the fact that I listened to smart people and I saved everything!!! Every lesson, PPT, worksheet, and as I was saving them I was tweaking them and making them work for me. I also lucked out and was blessed to have worked with what I think are some of the best teachers around and they passed great stuff on down to me...thanks Zana & Kayce! So now with Monday right around the corner I am not freaking out like I was last year...I got this!!! Well I won't get to proud, I know that come next week no doubt something will come up that I did not plan for but Im not scared... If nothing else Smile and fake it!

  So, to the point of all that rambling above. I've had some time, and I'm feeling creative again, so I did some scrapbooking and I made the cutest paper flowers! Not sure where I'm going to use them but have some idea that they will end up on a photo frame and perhaps on my new blinged out calender that I'm working on. Anyways, here's pics of the scrapbook pages I did. Not my best work but they are done.

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