Friday, January 29, 2010

Glad that its Friday!

  So as I have stated in my previous post, Im so tired! Im going to go to bed before midnight tonight, but before hitting the bed I had to post.
I had a really good day and Im so proud of some of my kids. They had a project due and some of them turned in some really good and creative projects. Im also the Student Council sponsor and one of my kids did an awesome job creating the design for our Wacky Olympics t-shirts. Im so proud of them and their creativity.
 So Sunday is my 30th Birthday...Im not sure how I feel about this. Ive been doing a little reflecting and I will post something on that tomorrow or the next. So my Birthday is not going to be all that big a deal. My mom told me that she almost threw me a surprise party but just didnt know who would all be able to make it. Maybe for my 40th, who knows... Well Im falling asleep as I try to type this.
Here is a picture of my students project. It was a project on the state that they picked. They had to do research and then make a poster, collage, or a mobile. Most of my kids were a little lazy and did the poster, but one of my students really went all out. She picked Hawaii and did her project in the shape of a Hula dancer. They had to present the information from their research and she really did a good job. To show Hawaii's coffee crop she made the Hula girls hair out of coffee beans and then had all of her other information on small cards that she affixed to the hula skirt. She got a 105%.
I also got the best compliment today, the mom of the above student brought the project to school and then asked if she could sit in on my class. I told her, "of course." She then told me that her daughter just went on and on about my class and how much she likes it.  The mom helped with the project and she said that she also was really enjoying my class. So she stayed for the whole class and after she said that she wished she would have had a class like mine when she was in school. It felt really good to have someone validate all of the work I put into my class and classroom. But I am Blessed to Love what I do!!
Hula Girl 
(check out her earrings, they represent Hawaii being the 50th state)

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jessica blood said...

Your student did a great job. Your awesome!!!Hope you have a wonderful b-day, and I wish your mom would have given you the party I might could have gotten myself lost trying to get there.LOL