Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got #12 Taken Care Of!!

That people is my confirmation for my Wicked tickets!!!! YAY! So that takes care of
#12 on the list. Im just checking them off and working on the rest.
Church tonight was really good! Dad talked about being conformed to the image of God. As he was speaking I had an image of a cookie cutter in my mind.  I was thinking that anytime you conform something to an image that means change. Think about that cookie cutter and how it conforms the dough to its image, it has to cut away somethings.  Sometimes being like Christ requires letting God cut away the things that we cant fit into His shape. I want to be like Christ but I dont always look forward to the cutting away part. And if you have every made cookies, even before you use the cookie cutters you have to roll out the dough so that you can cut the shapes. I know that there has been times in my life when I felt like God was just flatting me out and then cutting me up...and then dont even get me started on going in the oven haha (ok I know, enough with the cookie metaphors).
Anyways I hope that I can be shaped into the image of God and used for His glory! And I pray that He cuts away the stuff that keeps me from conforming to Him.

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