Monday, January 25, 2010

One Cup to take the chill away

I was reading and felt a chill. So to fix that I felt the call of the mint Hot Cocoa. And what would be Hot Cocoa with out marshmallow?? 
So I have been reading my book Traveling Light and the chapter that I just finished was about loneliness. All of us experience it at one point or another. I have felt it lately. I have been going through a lot of changes, some good and some not all that great. But changes are inevitable and some times the necessary evil. Over the past year I have seen so many changes in my life, and have experienced loneliness. I have drawn away from people that I was very close to, and Im in that place where I dont really have someone to really share with. For the longest time now I have been praying Ps. 119 : 33-34. In these couple of verses David prays to God that He would, "make me to go unto they paths for there in do I delight." The first time I read it it hit me and I could understand Davide's desire. He wanted so bad to follow after God but he was humble enough to say to God, "Your going to have to help me and make me do it." I desire to trust in God, to have faith, to know that He has a perfect plan for my life, to trust Him that I will not always be alone...and so I pray and I pray, "God, Make me to go in thy path for therein do I delight." So having said that and prayed it, while I was reading this book Lucado says that sometime to get us to follow in His path He has to block out all the other distractions. Sometimes God gives us no other choice but Him. I would have to say that in this season of my life he is the one and only that I share everything with. It was not always the case. Maybe God allows some people to drift apart so that in our loneliness we turn to Him. I have to remember that no matter the season or the change, my life is Father filtered! This feeling of loneliness....well, this to shall pass.
Also, I want to say thanks to Jessica for her comments. You are such an encourager!!! If for no one else I write for you (especially since you seem to be the only one reading haha). But I started this not for the comments but in some small hope that maybe, just maybe, something I say could help or inspire someone...but if all else fails I hope that I can at least make you laugh!


Tony Putman said...

Very good insight! let me sing a song to you that I wrote..."that's what friends are for...the good times...the bad times..." ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sylvia, I feel so honored to be mention on a blog!!! So glad to hear you are growing closer to God, and I know he is preparing you for something totaly awesome. I understand what your going through, at one time we had 8-10 young couples in our church now we only have like 3 and Daniel and I are close to them just not were we can tell them everything freely. And it took alot of getting ues to but I think it was for the best now that I can look back on it. Becuase it not only brought us closer to God but to each oter and we really needed that.I've been praying for you and will continue. Love you Syl

Anonymous said...

Now you know how a pastor must feel when he preaches or parents when they continually instruct their children or their congregations with no comments.
Do it for yourself. Do it because you can. Do it for discipline.
I read everyone. I even learned how to leave a comment.
I love you and I am very proud of the woman you are and excited about the things you will do with your life.

MOM said...

oh by the way it was me that left the comment right above this one I had to sign up gee all this computer stuff