Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It Feels Good to Have a Cause

  Being a teacher has so many benefits, the kids, summers off, teaching young minds, helping shape lives, and my all time favorite has to be organizing the classroom and other's lives. But these were the things that I knew about teaching, the benefits that are supposed to make up for the lack of pay. What I never really knew, since I was home schooled, was the way that the school seems to create its own little world and the ability of someone to organize this little world to do good. Now for those of you that may not know, I am the Student Council sponsor.  I never really even knew what student council was till I was in charge of it, I got a crash course, to say the least! Well, once I started doing a little research I found that a student council not only assisted the student body but they were involved in philanthropy projects. I have found that if you want to push a cause, get the kids at school involved! And if you really want to see involvement, make it some form of competition. I have really enjoyed this part of the job, finding a good cause, getting the kids involved and being apart of something that makes a difference.
  At Christmas time we decided to team up with Soldiers Angels and send Christmas cards and goodies to soldiers in Iraq. Our little school of 300 sent over 900 cards and four boxes of goodies!!! We also have had some help from my church and some local businesses. So we have decided to team up with Soldiers Angels again and send Mardi Gras to Louisiana boys serving in Iraq...a little bit of home in the big sandbox. My mom and some of the ladies on the church have also joined with us to send a Mardi Gras care package to 30 La. soldiers. We have also done Toys for Tots, collected cell phones for battered woman's shelter, collected paper for PAWS, and were looking into adopting a soldier and the kids told me yesterday that they really felt that they needed to do something for the people in Hatti.
So we have gotten the rest of the school involved and the art classes have been making Mardi Gras masks to put in the boxes and my kids are going to be making cards. It feels so good to be apart of a good cause and to make a difference!!
So my picture for today is of one of the masks that the kids made. I encourage all of you to find philanthropy effort and jump right in and make a difference. We tend to complain about the government not doing enough, but in the good old days it was the community and neighbors that lent a hand, helped make a difference. Now days we as a society seem to be so inward focused, when we should be outward focused. Now I know first hand that there are a lot of people out there that have the outward focus down pat. These wonderful men and women helped our community so much after Katrina, and many have returned multiple times to lend a hand. So if your wanting to get involved and not sure how here are some web sites that can help out...check them out and start focusing beyond your own bubble.
Convoy of Hope
LA Soldiers Angels
Red Cross
National Soldiers Angels

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