Monday, January 4, 2010

Left it till...

  I was so proud of myself today! It was a great first day...pretty normal all around. Looks like it will be a pretty good semester, well for me at least not so sure about my students. They kind-of had this shocked and dazed look on their faces when I started to explain and review all that my World Geography entails...I Loved it!!! haha
 So the daily pic that I posted represents why I'm proud of myself. If you look close it is a picture of my Turn In Basket on my desk and there is work in it! I left today and was not the last person to leave the school, which is usually the case. Nothing in the basket was pressing and I have a 90min planning period tomorrow so I will get to it then. The cause for such a hoopla is that last year I would have stayed to go through all of them and would have been at school till 5 or 6. But I had my lesson plans, quizzes and worksheets all ready to go and I'm learning to take more time for myself. I refuse to become a statistic, which is that most teachers burn out after the first 5 years. I love what I do, but you have to be more then your job. So I'm doing pretty good with making time for myself and working on my "List" (check out previous post to see the "List"). Well I'm off to do some reading and then off to bed.

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