Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok, first let me clear something up...One of my friends posted a comment and said that she thought that I was not going to eBay and buy anything but necessities. Well I do have something like that on my list, but there was NO way that I was going the whole year without Ebaying it up, or buying anything but the "needs."  So if you thought that then go back and read that again...It states the following
"5. Go two months without spending anymore besides bills, gas, and meds...Im going to need the meds for this one."
Phew!! I just have to do it for two months, and Im going to try and pick two months that will be easy!
Doing a lil Yoga

So, now on to today's post.
"Magazines say Im overweight.

The Wii says Im normal (whats that?).

I feel like Im one cupcake away from being thick and non bikini wearing.

And well my Dad says Im perfect...

Who's right?... My Dad of course!"                                                      
Despite the illusion that is my Dad's view of me, I have come to grips that I need to get into shape and tone up.  that So I stated yesterday that I was going to get off the couch and exercise! So I did the Bender Ball workout and boy was I feeling it!!! And let me just put this out there...I hate how all the people that make exercise videos always have these huge plastered on smiles. Come on people! There she is all smiles while she is asking "You feel it, you feel the burn?" Well I was feeling it and there was no smiling     happen. My face, no doubt, looked like I was straining like a hippo in labor. But I did it and even did some yoga and threw in some pilates. I figured I might as well go for it since I was already feeling the "burn." I think I know where the burn originated from, well in my case, from my thighs rubbing together! So now I'm feeling good that I made myself exercise, but the real key is to do it again. I have an idea that tomorrow Im not going to want to...I will be sitting in a professional development meeting from 7:45am to 3:15pm YAY...(there is sarcasm so thick there!!!)  But Im super excited that I have Monday off and will be sleeping in late and doing some painting and creating. And maybe, just maybe, I may go walk or do something physical. I really need to call and find out about my diving refresher course so that I can go on a dive in Belize. Only 30 more days till we leave and I have to get into a bathing suit!


Anonymous said...

How are you taking pictures of yourself? I am not that coordinated. Plus by magazine standards.. everyone is over weight! You look great. Make sure you workout because you want to and not because someone or some magazine is telling you that you look bad.


Shannon said...

I did remember it said 2 months, but I thought you had already started...Ha! I am also trying to reign in the spending!!!

syllatham said...

I have a camera that has a swivel viewfinder and I put it on top of my tv and set the timer to snap the pic. Oh, and thanks for the comment...I dont believe anything that the magazines say!