Saturday, January 9, 2010

Packed Up, Having Fun, and Enjoying the Weekend!!!

  This has already started to be a great weekend starts the moment that the 3 o'clock bell rings on a Friday. I went tonight to go see "Leap Year" with two of my friends Heidi and Kayce.  Afterwords we tried out Phở Mỹ Á Vietnamese Restaurant and it was really good!
So after a good movie and a great meal and good conversation I am now home and trying to get warm. But the weekend is not over and I've still got plans! Im getting up tomorrow and loading up all my scrapbooking stuff to head to Thibodaux for a class. My friend Ashley is teaching a class and we will be learning some new techniques and make a really cute page about New Year's resolutions. I'm really excited about this class and so proud of myself for doing it. I'm really glad that I'm doing more, being more creative and really sticking to my commitment to do more then stress and work. So I'm all packed up, and boy do I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff, and ready to be inspired and creative. I'm also excited because tomorrow at noon Wicked tickets go on sale and I'm getting mine! Well I hope that you take time for yourself, do something you have been telling yourself you should do and remember that we should...

-Linger a Little Longer-
I have these moments were I look back and wish I would have lingered a little longer. Don't we all have these, no not really regret, but I wish for the future by reflecting on the past. I know that there are moments in my life where I would have stayed a little longer, held a moment longer, breathed in a little deeper, absorbed a little more, felt a little longer, played a little harder and hugged a little more. There are those moments in life that we go back to and desire to grasp the feelings that we experienced. I can still recall the feel of the wind on my face as I stood at top of one of the Swiss Alps, or the smell of my baby nephew when he was a baby, you know that clean baby smell. I can sometimes remember how it felt when my Grandma used to hug me and till to this day holidays remind me of my Grandpa and how much he loved having all of us there at the house for them. I wish I would have absorbed more of those lazy summer days that I spent floating around the pool with Bri and Amy, those were the days! There are just some moments that we need to linger a little longer in, I guess that was what they meant when they said "stop and smell the roses"


jessica blood said...

Oh, I want to see leap year sooo bad, I dont think I have daniel sold on going see it. But with a nursing baby i dont think I'll make it before it leaves the theaters.
I love Linger a Little Longer. I think it is something we need to read every week to reming ourselves that we need to stop and Smell The Roses!!!! Love you Syl. Please keep posting your post are such an encouragment

syllatham said...

Thanks so much! You are always so encouraging to me! Love ya girl!