Thursday, January 21, 2010

A short one tonight

So Im super tired tonight and I dont really have much to say. I had my painting class tonight and I felt a lil rusty to be painting again. But excited to be back at it. Oh, and my Wicked tickets came in YAY!!!! and I booked me and Heidi's excursions for the cruise. I also made appointments to take my diving refresher course, get my hair cut, and to go to my new dermatologist.
So I have been reading my friend Ash's blog and loved that she does a "10 Things I love." So Im going to steal it from her and do my own. They say that if you steal, steal from the best.

Love this with all its color!!!

The Best coffee ever!

This just makes me lauge...I know how she feels

Love the Peacock feathers

Love this whole outfit!!!

Love this...I want one

Love the colors

This is soo Cute

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Tony Putman said...

this is cheating you know! you can't add that many pics along with spaces, just to have a longer page! ha