Monday, January 11, 2010

So Loved!

How Cute is this picture!!!!! My Daddy wrote this on my widow for me to find when I went to work this morning (and this is a sign that it is to darn COLD when you can do this in South LA!)
I'm so Blessed to have such a wonderful set of parents. I'm also so thankful that they have invested so much into my life and continue to do so in so many ways. I'm also thankful to them for doing home school with me. I used to think I was thankful but now that I'm teaching in the school system there is a greater appreciation for what they did for us.
I got the cutest message from a friend of mine today. She does home school with her children and was helping her son with math and one of the examples used a teacher called Ms. Latham, and she said that she thought of me the rest of the day. I love that she does home school with her kids! To me she is such a hero and her kids will be so thankful for what their parents are doing for them. After being a teacher in the public school system I really believe that if it is at all possible that I want to do home school if I ever have kids. We cant take any of our money with us, or any of our earthly possessions, but what does cross over and counts in Heaven are the deposits that we make in others lives. As parents thats a big responsibility, to have control over the shaping of a lil life. One that I'm not sure I will ever be responsible for, and in some ways, the idea and weight of it kind-of freaks me out. But not something I have to worry about anytime soon! I try to remember everyday at work that the students that I come into contact with may not have a single person that cares about them, is kind to them, or just asks them how they are doing.  Growing up in a family where there is so much love I sometimes take these things for granted.
  On a side note I am happy to write that I am now enrolled back in college to work on what I hope will be my second degree. I'm going to take some art classes and maybe, who know, get my degree in art. This is something I've been wanting to do, so I'm starting off slow and only taking one class this semester but I'm so excited to be taking a painting class and back to creating. Well got to get to bed I've got detention in the morning and 15 students that are going to be doing some writing about how them plan to mend their ways.

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