Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big 30

  Well Im on the eve of my 30th Birthday and I have to say that I don't feel 30! I'm also very blessed to look ten years younger then I am. Today was a fun day, my mom, my sister and my sister in-law and niece and I went to eat out and see a movie. It was good to see my sister in-law and niece. Molly is getting so big and she is just too cute. My mom treated all of us to an awesome lunch at New Orleans Seafood and Spirits and then we all went to go see "When in Rome." After watching the movie I really wanted to go back to Italy. I'm saving up my money for a trip to Ireland next year and then maybe after that back to Italy. My car has been making some funny noise and I think its my CV joints. I really need to start saving for a car. I refuse to buy a new car but I do need one that is a little younger then my poor old '98 Sentra. I'm trying to pay off my credit cards and my mom and trying to save up money for a car. I have submitted my application to teach overseas but have not heard anything yet. I have decided that if I don't hear anything by May I will sign another year with South Plaq. High. I would love the opportunity to teach overseas but I am also very comfortable at SPH. Plus, I work with a great staff and I really like to kids. So I'm thinking that if I stay that I'm going to start on my masters.
  So WOW, 30 years!! I look back and I don't have any regrets...I do kind-of wish I had maybe met someone along the way but then again maybe I wouldn't have gone and done the things I did. Who knows??? All I know is that I pray for another great 30 years. There has been a lot of changes, misadventures, let downs, surprises, sadness, happy times, losses, gains, blessings, fun times and the not so fun. In the past 30 years I have been a student (not a really good one in high school), a florist, youth pastor, dental assistant, college student, Hurricane Katrina refugee, homeless, American Eagle employee, vice president of an honor society, chi alpha small group leader, Lowes associate, college graduate, and high school teacher extraordinaire. I have been able to travel to: Venezuela, Alaska, Europe, China, and Europe again.
   So I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Oh, and my mom got me one of Mrs. Carolyn's Awesome red velvet cakes!!! SO GOOD!!!!!! But I think it used up all of my Weight Watchers points for the month!


Tony Putman said...

See! no regrets!...wasn't that a STL Theme many, many years ago! ha! just kidding. Have a great Birthday!

jessica blood said...

OK I feel cheated Tony got to post before I did:-((
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIA!!! Next year it will be my turn to look back on life. Oh and I'm fixing to open up an ETSY shop so I can start saving for Ireland I'm so exited.