Friday, January 1, 2010

What Happens Now?

*This is a Warning to whomever may stumble across my writing, I am not, and will never be an English teacher. So if there is anyone who happens to read what I type please read it and not critique it. :)

   As 2009 comes to an end I have to say that I am a bit apprehensive about 2010. I'm still reeling from the fact that in 31 days I will 30!! This is one of those major millstones and I have to say that I'm kind-of freaking! I guess one of the reasons has to do with the feeling that I haven't really felt like I have accomplished more in the span of time that now represents my life. I guess one of the reasons is that I'm measuring my life using everyone else's yardstick.
   I'm so grateful for my job and the purpose that it gives me...but I hate that people seem to make it sound like such a terrible thing. Like when they say, "yeah, she doesn't have a husband or kids so shes married to that school." Or, "Do you do anything besides school and grade papers?" Now I do understand that some of this is my fault, due to the fact that I do spend most of my time at school and it seems Im always grading papers. But let me ask you, should I run home to an empty house? Is it so bad that I've found something to fill my time and give my purpose and a paycheck? I could be like the rest of my friends who get excited because lil Johnny pottied in the big toilet. I don't know?... I just know that I want to do something different, I want to be different.
   Every year I haphazardly list a few things that I want to do differently in the new year. Almost always it usually involves something to do with reading my Bible more, being a better Christian and person and always seems to include something about me losing weight. So this year, true to form, I want to lose a few pounds, be more diligent in reading my Bible in the hopes that it will help me to be a better Christian/person, and I'm going to put myself out there more. I want to try new things and I want to do the things that I keep on telling myself I'm going to get to one day. So I think my goal for this year will be to complete the list below and document it in Photography and blog. I know that I will be completing one thing that I've always wanted to do in Feb. when I take a 7 day cruise. A few on the list may seem simple and trite to some of you, but dang it its my list and I can put what I want on it because... well I turn 30 this year, thats why!!
So here goes, I will try to spread my wings and take on this season in my life with anticipation of the adventure. And in the love of my "To Do List" this is mine for 2010.

1. Read through the Bible in a year. I did it when I was a kid but as it seems that was awhile back.

2. Ride a New Orleans streetcar.

3. Go to the New Orleans Aquarium...I know I live so close and never really take advantage of all the things the Big Easy has. **It was amazing...loved all the fish, like diving but not getting wet!**

4. Hike Tunica Falls.

5. Go two months without spending anything besides bills, gas, and meds...Im going to need the meds for this one.

6. Blog everyday! Even if its not that all eventful.

7. Pay off my mom and 2 credit cards (not an easy task if you saw their balances but I can do it!)

8. Go Tubing

9. Take a painting class. **Got an A in it!**

10. Visit and indulduge in all that Angelo Brocato's has to offer.

11. Watch seasons 1 and 2 of Law & Order in a day.

12. Go see a Broadway show. **I saw Wicked**

13. Plant at least 5 trees. (my part to help the planet)

14. Complete a series of fleur de lis drawings.

15. Learn a new word a month.

16. See the Nutcracker!

17. Read a book a month.

18. Read Jane Eyre.

19. Log a Dive. **Logged 2 dives in Belize and it was amazing!!!**

20. Cook 5 of Julia Child's recipes including her Beef Bourguignon

21. See how long I can jump rope for (I will need to do some training for this one).

Ok, so we will see how this goes but I totally think its doable...will be posting pics and updates to how its going. Hope that everyone has a Great New Year and an Awesome 2010!


jessica blood said...

Wow, Sylvia thanks or sharing your heart. I gree that you need to stop measuring with everyone else's stick, you are totally unique and cool. I can not think of anyone who would not give up their everyday life to live yours for a year. Because you seem to be doing the things we wish that we could do. But instead we have to find joy in johnny going to the bathroom. I would love to live your life for a year but in the end I would miss my husband, kids, and this country life I have come to love. Why? because this so who I am and to try and be someone different just would not fit. So love the life you have even though others don't see it as amazing as I do.
Oh, and as I was typing this I had the joy of listening to Judah cry the whole time b/c I would not let him have the computer.
Sylvia, you are awesome and everyone I know is envious of your crazy exciting sometimes normal life. Love you Jessica

jessica blood said...

Oh, and if I were family free I would so accomplish that list with you. Hope you get the whole list done, and I get to see it in pictures.