Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Dat!!!

  So tonight the Saints made LA history and they are going to the Super Bowl!!!!! Yay! Awesome job boys! I'm not even a football person but I watched this game. I put it on at first just to see what would happen and thought I would get some grading done. I did get some grading done but it took a lot longer since I really started to watch the game. Now I'm not all that familiar with the game, thanks to Courtney I now know that it has quarters instead of innings. But I knew enough to watch it and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! I may just have to watch the Super Bowl game. So now as New Orleans and the rest of the state basks in the warm glow of the win I hope that they can take it all the way. The city really needed this. Well work tomorrow should be interesting. In honor of the win I will have to do one of my fleur de lis in black and gold.
  As I type this I have suddenly realized that this month is almost over! It has gone by so FAST!!! I really need to finish Jan. book and start looking for some books to take with me on my cruise. That is a sign of a really good vacation when you can read at least 5 books. On my Europe trip I think I read 8 or 9! I can't wait till we go but I have so much to get done from now to then. I have my appointment to take my diving refresher course this Wed. Im so excited to get to go diving in Belize!!
 Ok, so one of the teachers just called and she said the text rumor going around is tomorrow is going to be a skip day at school. Well Im off to bed. My picture of the day is of my grading that I got done tonight. It took me a lot long since I got so interested in the Big Game! 


Tony Putman said...

Hey! does that paper say KILL? ha!

syllatham said...

No that would be MLK!!! (Martin L. King) they were happy to not have a journal for that day. But I wouldnt have been all that surprised if it would have said kill...they write the craziest things sometimes!