Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just some thoughts

  Wow! So I had my first class tonight. I just have to say that I miss Nicholls, and community college is...well, community college. I was so looking forward to  a painting class and was thinking that I was going to get something like what they offer at NSU. But to my dismay it appears that will not be happening. I will be painting so I guess I will just have to be thankful for that. Tonight I got home and got to spend a few minuets with my lil niece Sophie. She is getting so big and growing up so fast. Both of my nieces and my nephew and just getting so big. My lil nephew Max is such a lil man. He is just too cute. Sometimes he talks to me and I swear that he is turning 16 and not 6 in a few weeks.
 Well things are going great at work. Its so funny that I love teaching geography so much, and that it was the one subject that I really didn't want. Funny how things work out.
Well its late and I have so much left to get done before turning in for the night. Here's my daily picture, my niece Sophie, and I included one of my favorite pictures of my other two favorite kids.

Sophie, Max, and Molly.
The Most Awesome, Coolest, Bestest Kids in the whole wise world!!!!!!...
or, at least thats what their Nan Syl thinks

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