Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back to Work

  Today was a little crazy! First off we had a TON of kids that didn't come to school today, I figured as much. Plus they ones that were there were all wound up for the long, exciting, weekend. I had made sure to have lots for them to do to keep them busy. This week in general is going to be crazy, we had Monday off, and a half day tomorrow and I have a ton of kids that say they won't be at school on Friday because of parades. Thank God that we only have this week left till a week off for Mardi Gras! I love that in South Louisiana we get the WHOLE week off!!! Only us baby! We love our Mardi Gras and thanks to the boys in Black and Gold its turned into a two week festivity. Some are saying that this Tue. and week will be called "DAT TUESDAY" & "LOMBARDI GRAS." I don't mind at all, another reason to have another piece of King Cake and have the day off.
  Well enough about all of that...I did get somethings done today and taught some. I finally got my Eiffel Tower up on my wall at school. I have the best school ever!! I talked to my principle and got the approval to have the maintenance man put me some screws in the wall and I may even get to put up some shelves as well. Why you may ask?? Well I have all this stuff from my travels that I want to display such as, mask from Japan (a gift from a friend teaching in Japan), Carnival mask from Vince Italy, a Leaning Tower of Pisa, posters of the Great Wall, Chinese lanterns and etc.
  As I type this I'm watching the weather and I'm SO sick of this cold weather!!!! I can't wait till I'm soaking up some sun in Mexico!! Well I'm off to shower and then to bed. I'm already starting to feel a lil sore from my five mile I put in on the Elliptical today but its a good sore.
                                                                                                  -Till Tomorrow         

Some new additions in my classroom:
My Civics classes Graffiti Wall
(This is for the Unit on the 1st amendment rights) 

My own lil Eiffel Tower
(Planning to visit it one day)

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