Friday, February 12, 2010

Got his first bath

I gave Auggie his first bath and, well it was something to say the least. Poor lil thing is still so skinny and just looked like a drowned mouse. He is still adjusting to his new home, this morning when I walked out of my room at 5am to get ready for work he about killed himself scrambling to take cover. Besides that and some strange gas issue stinks so BAD!!...he's getting along fine. 
I have to say that when the bell rang at 3 today both I and the kids where excited beyond belief! We are all really ready for the break and I'm so ready for some warm weather and laying on the beach. I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. I am going to make one last trip to town tomorrow to get a few last minuets things. This week was a wild one and Im really tired and ready for bed. I plan on sleeping in then off to town. I'm really so sick of this weather. It was freezing today and to top it off rainy and windy. Thank God we didn't have snow like most of the state. On the news today they said that all but one of the fifty states were experiencing some form of snow. What I want to know is, What happened to Global Warming??? Well I'm just fraying for some good weather while on my cruise. I sure don't want to be like one of my friends that has had bad weather for each of her cruises.
Well hope that you have a great Saturday. -Till Tomorrow

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