Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got a New Little Friend

   Well I have been contemplating weither or not I wanted to get a pet. My last pet, Margo a beautiful calico cat, has been gone now for a couple of years. I thought about getting a dog, but those that know me know that Im more of a cat person. Plus, I like that a cat will use a litter box almost piratically out of the womb while dogs have to be trained  (which can take forever). So I had looked at some of the pet adoption places online, just to see what was out there, I had thought to myself that I would like an orange cat this time but I really was in no hurry. Well the other day I was at school and had my classroom door open and I heard a kitten crying (I work at an open school so we don't have hallways, more like breeze ways). Well I went out to investigate and caught a glimpse of a very small orange kitten as it took off under the office building. I tried to get it to come out but wasn't getting anywhere with it. So I put some tuna out for it and hoped that it would eventually warm up to me. Over the next couple of days it would venture a little further out into the open and a few of the students even tried to catch him but was unsuccessful. Well with the weather being so cold I really hoped to be able to get him to come with me and get out of the cold. So today I was finally able to coax him to me using food. Poor little thing was just skin and bones and was so cold he was shaking. So I got him and put him in a box, got some milk for the cafeteria and gave him some of my linguine. So it looks like I have a new lil friend, a cute little orange kitten that I've named Auggie. He's just too sweet!! So Auggie is adjusting quiet well to his new home and working on getting some meat on his bones.
   Well tomorrow is Friday and both I and the kids can't be happier! With the up coming week long break for Mardi Gras the kids have been a little distracted and antsy! Well Im off to bed.
                                                                                                                                          -Till Next Time

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