Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Back!!!

   I'm back!!! I enjoyed my eight days off of work and had a blast on my seven day Caribbean cruise! I went with two of my coworkers and one of their spouses. We went on the Norwegian Spirit and our itinerary included stops at the ports in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. I was really looking forward to a week of fun in the sun but sadly I only got to see the sun two out of the seven days. Most of the time we had cloudy or light rain. I was happy that it was just overcast when we were in Belize since that was where I went Scuba Diving. I was super excited to be able to Dive the second best reef in the world and was not let down one bit!!! The first dive we went down about 80 feet for about a hour. The colors were amazing and I saw so many beautiful fish and sea life. I also got to see a 12 foot shark! Then we did a second dive at about 55 feet for 45 min. Another great dive with such beautiful and wonderful things to see. I was so happy that one of the guys on the dive had a good underwater camera and took some pictures and will be sending them to me, as well as a DVD of the second dive. I will post them as soon as he sends them to me. 
   Now this was my first cruise and I have to say that I was very impressed. The cruise staff was all about making our trip great and for us to have as much fun on our trip as we could. There was always something to do, see, or eat and we did it all!!!! The shows were amazing, as well as the food! Heidi and I also got to go and see some Mayan ruins and we all shopped in Costa Maya, Guatemala, Belize, and Cozumel. I bought some awesome paintings that are done on feathers and I also bought a bunch of awesome pieces of jewelery. I have to say that if I had to define this trip into three words they would be: Shopping, Eating, Clouds. The reason I say clouds, is as noted before, it was overcast and cloudy almost the whole trip. Heidi and I were determined to get some sun, she even captured a picture of me trying to sunbath while it drizzled.  
   Well I took today off to recoup after the vacation, but tomorrow its back to the real world and work. I did enjoy today, I got to lay out and get some sun (more then I got on my whole trip HAHA!!). I also got my house cleaned, clothes washed and put away, and lesson plans done and emailed. I took a ton of pictures while on my trip. I thought that since I wanted to take and post a daily picture but couldn't that I would post one for each day last week. So here they are, hope you enjoy. 
                -Till Tomorrow

About to leave the Port of N.O.

Costa Maya, Mexico
Beach in Guatemala

Shopping in Belize after my Awesome Dive trip!
 In Cozumel. 
This was my favorite stop on the trip so I posted my three favorite pics.


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