Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Regular Day

I started today by having to take my dad's car to work because mine is making a terrible grinding noise (I think its the CV joints). So that meant that I had to bring my dad to work all the way at the end in Venice. So, having done that I then heading up the road to work. Well half way through my now 30 min drive to work I noticed that the gas gauge was on the E. So I'm praying that it will get me to the only gas station in Buras. I pull up to the station such luck, they are closed! The next gas station is in Port Sulphur, a good 20 min away. So back to praying and coasting, hoping that I dont run out of gas. 
Finally I make it to school, after topping off the tank, I go to make my typical Monday morning copies. Well you would know it, one of the copiers is broken and there's a line forming for the only working copier in the school. So I get in line, share a few complaints about not having enough copiers in the school, and then make my copies. So still no coffee...I know, right?? How am I even walking around coherent???? Well I go to my classroom and do the basic morning things that I do every morning: boot up the computers, straighten the desks, organize my copies and worksheets for the day, check my school emails, pull up my roll book and put on some music. Then the kids hit my doorway. They are looking for an open classroom to hide in due to the cold weather and the fact that our school is an open school (no hallways). Now that they are in my classroom I'm not getting much done in between the questions about my weekend, if I watched a certain show on tv, and how was my Birthday. So in between all the chatter I get the daily journal topic pulled up on my Smart Board and pull up my grade book. Now the bell is ringing and kids are filing in, Monday is always crazy due to the fact that they have to catch up...well I mean, goodness they haven't seen each other in two whole days!!!  Well after that first bell the day just seemed to fly by, it seemed that I turned around and the last bell was ringing. 
In the middle of the daily madness I found out my sister was in town, and after talking to the automotive repair shop, it seemed I would be bringing in my car right after school. So right after the bell rang I was running out the door to fly home to switch my dad's car for my car. If I would have known that I was going to be able to bring my car to the shop I would have drove it to school, Oh well... I drive to town, drop off my car, and hitch a ride home with my sister. 
Well once home, I had a ton to get done!!! I washed a sink full of dishes, a load of clothes, put away a ton of clothes that I had discarded while trying to decide what to wear to work, cleaned up the house, journaled, organized paper work and calculated receipts for my taxes.
  I'm now settled down a bit and doing my daily post. Once done with this I'm going to finish my lesson plans and post a few more grades and then off to bed. Tomorrow looks like a full day but I get to go do a little painting. Well here was a glimpse into...just a regular day.
-Till Tomorrow

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