Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last one for awhile...

I'm posting what I think will have to be my last post for the next seven days. I thought I would be able to post while on the cruise but its just way to expensive! So no big deal, I will have lots to blog about, as well as a ton of pictures, when I return. I'm really praying that we have some good weather, aka Sunny and HOT! Oh, and I almost totally forgot that tomorrows Valentines glad I've got something to do. Not like Valentines is all that big a deal for me. And I know that everyone says that I don't think its a big deal because I'm single, but even if I wasn't its so mainstream. I would much rather someone make a big deal for more random holidays. I love Christmas, and after that one I have to say that St. Patrick's Day is my next favorite, with Easter right behind it. Well anyways I have that everyone has a Happy Single Awareness Day...oops, I mean Happy Valentines Day!

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