Monday, February 8, 2010

Running Errands and Making Plans

  I was very excited to have today off thanks to the HUGE Win last night by the Saints. Our school board decided that they would let everyone enjoy the celebration and have the day off, plus they didn't want to have to deal with all the absentees. So I decided that I would take advantage of the day off and get some of my errands done for my upcoming trip. I donned my Black and Gold and drove to town hoping that I might miss some of the crowds thanks to them being home sleeping off the night before. I lucked out and the traffic was not all that bad They did have a good bit going towards the airport to welcome the Saints home, they said that there was over a 1000 people that stopped traffic trying to welcome them home. 
  I ran my errands across the river, I needed makeup and had to pick up shirts from Fleurty Girl, then got right back over to the West Bank. Since there still seemed to be a calm after the storm, I figured I would see how far my luck would go and decided to try and get my taxes done. Did a walk-in at the tax place and was in and out in less then an hour! The best part was that I'm getting back a little over $2000 back...YAY!!!! This two grand will help pay back the money I owe my Mom (#7 on the list), and a credit card. I also found out yesterday that I have been asked again to teach a class at the Creative Scholars Camp @ Nicholls this summer. I'm very excited to be apart of this awesome camp that provides assistance to students with learning disorders. So my summer is already filling up, I have the summer camp at Nicholls, going to be on staff at Y.M.I. as well, and I'm really hoping to maybe squeeze in a dive trip and just maybe a short trip to D.C. (hoping Kayce is up for a trip with me). 
I really need to get the suitcases out and start packing for my trip. Today in town I picked up some items for my trip and I finally got all the swim suits out and washed. Tomorrow we go back to work and I just don't see us getting much done. I will be surprised if any of the kids show up.
Packing for the Cruise

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