Thursday, February 4, 2010

So glad that tomorrow is Friday!!

  The kids were a little wild today. I think that its a mix of being close to a holiday break and the Super Bowl. I even have a few kids that are going to Miami tomorrow, so they really didn't focus much today. I'm so ready for the long weekend, we get off on Monday (paid) thanks to the Saints. So my picture today is of my water bottle. I have been drinking one or two of these a day. I haven't had a soft drink in over a month. I even had a mix up at McDonald's, they gave me a coke and I didn't drink it but threw it out.
  Still on the hunt for books for my trip...its just not a good vacation unless you get to read two or three books minimum. Well Im off to bed, tomorrow will no doubt be a wild and crazy day... but Friday's usually are. Well stay hydrated!
                                                -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

keep drinkin. For a devotional book, try Fearless by Max Lucado