Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Tired!!!!!!

Today was kind-of crazy at work. I started my day at 5am and got to work for 6:30 for my detention duty. My fourth hour class was crazy and then I had after school tutoring. After all that I drove an hour and half to my painting class. Thank God that tomorrow is Friday!!!! I also just want to say that Im so sick of this cold weather! Im so ready for some nice warm sunny days...Summer can't get here soon enough!
   -Till Tomorrow
My picture for today was taken on my way to town. I love this house!


Anonymous said...

I love that house too, just wouldn't want to clean it but if I had that house I would have a maid RIGHT! Love ya MOM

jessica blood said...

O, it reminds me of pride and prejudice, I need to watch that movie again