Saturday, February 6, 2010

A lazy Saturday

 Today was a lazy Saturday! I didn't really do all that much. I slept in till about 10ish and then got up and went to the post office. I read a little then went through my closet trying to figure out what I was going to pack for my cruise. I then went outside to try and get a lil sun, but it was just to chilly to stay out long. Yet another reason that Im really excited about going on the cruise, SUN and Warm weather. So I read a little more, cleaned up a bit around the house and then took a nap. After the nap I went to go do a favor for my Dad. He's been wanting me to take a short video of the progress on the house, as well as a brief message to send to one of the churches that has been a big help in the construction. So I took a walk back to the house, a massive concrete structure that looms in the horizon, to get the footage.  After getting what I needed I came back and uploaded it to my computer to do a little editing in one of my new favorite programs, iMovie. Last night I had played around with a short video I had taken in one of my classes. I found it to be very easy to use and a lot of fun. Before this I had never really used the program, but now knowing how easy it is and with my camera taking such easy and good video, I plan to be using it much more! I can't wait to take some video on my upcoming trip! No doubt I will be posting here for you to see.
 I have started to think about what I am going to pack. Unlike my friend Sammie Lynn, who started packing last week, I havent even gotten the suitcase out of storage. I did try to pull some of the dresses that I thought I may bring and I got all 9 of my bathing suits out. Its a whole 7 days so Im thinking Im going to need both of my big suitcases and my carry on. Now I know two suitcases you ask??...but I do have to pack some of my dive equipment, dresses for dinner for 7 nights, at least two to three outfits for each day, bathing suits and cover ups, beach towels and tanning lotions, and dont even get me started on the shoes!!!! I mean 7 Days!! You just never know what you are going to wake up wanting to wear that day. One thing that I am a little concerned about is that I dont know if I will have access to affordable internet while on the trip. I know that I said that I was going to post everyday but Im just not sure If it will be capable. What I may do is just write in my journal and then when I get back I can post those for each day. Or Im going to work on getting my blog set up on my Blackberry and I may just be able to use that.
My pic for the day is of my parent's house that my Dad is building. They lost theirs in Katrina and rebuilding has been a bit slow. This is due in the most part because of delayed permits, having to build a massive foundation, all of it is made of concrete so weather can be a problem, and for the most part my Dad is doing most of the work himself. I will be so glad when it is done and my parents have a real home again, when everything is all under the same roof (since Katrina my parents have lived in a little cottage and used the church's kitchen). I will also be glad when the house construction is done and my Dad can take it easy...he's almost pushing 70 for goodness sake, the man is getting to old to be doing this kind-of work. Thankfully God has brought people that have helped him, like Mr. Chuck. He and his wife are our resident snowbirds from Michigan. And there has been many church groups that have come to help, we really have been blessed!
 Soon to be the Latham's residents

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