Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Way to late!

   I should already been in bed by now. I had my painting class tonight and then got home to a very hyper, crazy, kitten!!! I swear this cat has lost his mind and is bouncing from one thing to another...I swear I almost looked to see if he had springs on his feet. He also thinks it fun to hide and jump out and attack me.
   So it seems that my kids were happy to see me at school. They were also very excited to see all the new things that I had brought back from my trip. I also showed them some of my pictures, which worked out great since we had just finished the unit on south America. I can't believe that we only have two weeks until our exams, and that means that we only have nine weeks of school left!!!
   I'm really excited about our upcoming project in my painting class. Were going to make a collage and then paint it, should be a lot of fun!! Well not much to blog about today. I did take my daily pics, I took some of the masks that I got for my class. They loved them all!!! Oh, and I also got a Mayan calender. Some of my kids seem to believe whatever they see in the movies or on tv and said that they believed that the world was going to end in 2012. So I got them the calender and explained to the what our Mayan tour guide told us when we went for our tour of the ruins. He explained that just like we have a leap year every four years (this is to make up for the few seconds that we don't really use in a day) they Mayans were much better at math then us and they were a lot more accurate so they did not have to add an extra day every four years but their cycle ends every 52 years. So, all of you that were afraid that the world was coming to an end rest at ease, I spoke to a Mayan and were are good! My kids are still on the fence about it but I think they may be coming around. One of my smart kids pointed out "If this is so, then I don't need to continue to come to school!"
So her are the pics starting with the Mayan calender
My Mayan mask

Guatemala Mask
Mask from Belize

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