Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Crazy day!!!!

So today was a crazy day. The kids were all hyped up with the long Super Bowl weekend right around the corner. Today was also a fun one, well till I went to town to get my car. I was super excited that my car was finally fixed. So I figured that it would be crazy since it was a Friday. I had no idea that thanks to the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras it would be a zoo!! Every where you turned there were people in Saints colors and half the streets were closed due to the parades that were rolling that night. I went to Wal-Mart and ended up walking out because it was so crazy.
So my pic for the day is in the form of a video. This is one of my students who
was absent last week b/c of Beta. So while he was gone I told the
rest of the class that when he came back we were going to tell him that
while he was gone they all had gotten up in front of the class and said
the Preamble...they did have to learn it but I didnt make them do it in
front of the we had been listening to the School House Rock
Preamble on Utube. So the second day that he was back I tell him that he
has to do it and in front the whole class, and to help him out the rest
of the class would hum the school house rock one for he did it
and we were all dying laughing and then when he found out he was the
only one that had to do it I almost died laughing. My Civics class in all my seniors and they are a lot of fun. The class only has 10 students, so it is very laid back.


jessica blood said...

Sylvia, you have to be one of the best teachers ever. Did you tell him you were going to put the video on your blog? Your students are great.If you are goning to pack so much luggage for the cruise we maybe in trouble for the Ireland Trip b/c I pack just as much as you!!!

syllatham said...

I told them I might put it on. Yeah I tend to over pack sometimes.