Saturday, February 27, 2010

A wonderful relaxing Saturday with some retial therapy

I left all the papers to be graded at school and looked forward to a work free weekend. I figured I would get to them on my planning period on Monday and enjoy my weekend. I spent the day inside enjoying doing a little retail therapy. I found out that Forever 21 has a website and I found some really great finds. I also updated my cell phone to the new BB Curve. I'm pretty excited about my new phone, and the fact that BB now has software that will let all of my MAC programs sync with my phone. I love my MAC, but I also love my Blackberry! I'm also very much in love with my iPod touch and the fact that it can get Kindle books on it. My Dad's always making fun of me and my love of gadgets. I don't really think I have one, I really don't have the money to truly have an obsession. But I do have a LOVE for gadgets, shoes, and all things that sparkle and shine. So today was a fun day of indulging in my three loves, and thanks to my all time favorite form of technology (my baby, my MAC) I got to do it from my sofa. Besides some online shopping I did manage to get a little bit done today. I had to work on my collage for my painting class. I had to go through magazines and gut out designs and textures to create a collage, which I will then paint.
Well its late so,
                   -Till Tomorrow

Here's a picture of my collage that will be turned into a painting

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