Sunday, February 7, 2010

Watching the "Big Game"

Yep thats me watching the "Big Game". So if you live in South Louisiana you know that today is almost considered the Biggest event in Louisiana history since 1803 and the signing of the Louisiana Purchase. I will be the first one to say that I am by no means a football fan, but this is one game that I just couldn't miss. I also have this game to thank for not having work tomorrow. Today I did my very own victory dance...I finally dropped below the weight that I had been stuck at. I've been trying so hard and just could not get below 135. I would go up and down, back and forth but still no headway. Well today was my day!! My goal is 130 and I'm 4lbs away! I'm determined that by the time I board that boat on Sunday I will be at my goal! I'm really wondering if giving up soft drinks has played a part in me being able to finally drop those few pounds? 
The score right now is New Orleans in the lead 24 to 17. I really hope that they win this thing! I can't even begin to imagine how wild this town will be if they do. OH MY GOD the Saints just stole the Ball and made a Touchdown!!!!! Puts them now in the lead 31 to 17. Well I just witnessed what many thought was the impossible...the Saints have Won the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!

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barbara keir said...

I want to be there so bad!