Monday, March 15, 2010

45 days and we're all counting

This is what one of my students wrote on my board today. Can you tell that they are very excited and ready for the school year to be over?? They also had another count down till Spring Break. I have to fess up I, and most of my coworkers, are counting down with them. I still can't believe how fast the year is going by! Before you know it it will be Fall again. Today was a really good day, well except for the fact that I work up at 7:22 and supposed to be at work for 7:30!! But I have to say that I did pretty good, I was dressed and at school by 7:50. I'm not sure what happened to my alarm, but I will be fixing it tonight! My niece Molly is down for a visit. She is getting so big so fast. She is such a lil clown, kept me laughing tonight!! She wants to hug and hold my kitten Auggie, he on the other hand is not that excited about the idea.
I'm so excited about our Spring Break trip to the beach! Going to spend two days laying on the beach and our rooms are only going to cost us $33 bucks apiece!! Well its getting late and Tue. is my detention day so I will leave you with some pics of me and my niece making faces and some of her and Auggie.       -Till Tomorrow
She got stuck!

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