Saturday, March 13, 2010

5 Teachers, 1 Paramedic, 1 Med Student, and a Ball of Good Ole Irish Fun

Today was an awesome day for a St. Patrick's Day Parade!! This was my first N.O. parade. I know, most people can't believe that I grew up so near Nawlins and haven't been to a Mardi Gras parade. So as I stated in my last post, thanks to Kayce and Heidi I have been doing more and seeing more of the wonderful city that is in my backyard. We had a lot of fun at the parade today and we all came to the same conclusion. We believe that most of the people in the parade, mostly men, do it just so they can dress up and walk around handing out fake green flowers to women for a kiss on the cheek. Oh, and yet another great excuse for all of us to get together and pass a good time. I also believe that South LA people really like to throw things from moving vehicles! I was super excited to catch the first Cabbage in our group. Throwing cabbages is a big part of the St. Patrick's Parades. They also throw  carrots, onions...and moonpies! (You may even see a potato or two in the air!).
So overall a great day and a fun time. While we were sitting around waiting on the parade we decided that we're going to go to the beach for Spring Break. Only two weeks and we get a 8 days off...I love being a teacher!! LOL Well I will leave you with some pics of the day.
   -Till Tomorrow


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