Thursday, March 11, 2010

Better then what I hoped

I was reflecting tonight on how things have turned out so far... You see I really didnt know what to expect when I moved back down the road and took the job at South Plaq. I was a little afraid that I would not have any friends and would be void of a life. I did know that if I came down here that I would be placing myself in no mans land (really, there are no men down here) but God seemed to be pushing me to come down here, so I did. I had been in Thibodaux for 4 years following Katrina, and had made friends. When I moved there I felt as if my life had been pulled up and thrown there, and then I met this group of people that helped me enjoy my time there. I was sad to leave them. But I have to say that, as always, God worked it out. I have a wonderful job and I work with an awesome group of people. Along the way I have become friends with a great group of teachers that work at my school and in the area. It always amazes me how a person builds relationships with the people that they work with. And its worked out that we're all a fun group that likes to travel, shop, and have weekends and summers off...ahh got to love a teachers schedule!!! I have to say that it has been so strange to be in yet another season of my life. I have drawn closer to my coworkers and have drifted further from some of my friends that I grew up with. But no matter what season that I go through there will always be those people that are there with me and are so much apart of that part of my life...I guess it really is the people that come in and out of our lives that makes us who we are. One thing that this has taught me is to cherish the people that may come into my life, learn from them, make memories with them and recognize that they are always a small apart of me no matter where life may leads us. So, I thank God for those that I call friend and look forward to the friends I haven't yet to meet. 
My book for this month is "Common Sense" by Glenn Beck. I know I said that I was going to read it last month but I read a few fictions books on the cruise. Pretty good book so far and I have to say that Im agreeing with Beck's look on things. Will let you know what happens as I read through it.

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