Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Beautiful!!!

   Today was absolutely gorgeous!!! I was so happy that me and Brandon decided to meet at Cafe de Mond. We had a great time and then went for a walk through the French Market and around the River and the Quarter. It was so beautiful outside that I think most of N.O. had the same idea and was out there as well. But thats not a huge surprise since we have all been waiting on the cold to back off and let Spring make it appearance. So we sipped some coffee and strolled the streets and enjoyed all the city and weather had to offer.  
   Well after a wonderful weekend its back to work. This week will be all about review and then exams start on Thur. and half day on Fri. So I'm already thinking about what to do this weekend. Only two more weeks of school and we get off a week for Spring Break! I'm thinking that I'm going to have a really good Spring Break. I start it off going to see Wicked and then I'm thinking of going to the beach and then who knows?? Well I'm off to bed so I can start the week off fresh! 
                                          -Till Tomorrow
Brandon and I in N.O.
At Cafe du Mond

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Jessica Blood said...

WHo is this Brandon fella?