Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Sixtieth Post

 So today is my sixtieth post, wow thats fast! Today was a typical Tue. so tiring. Started the day at 5am and was at work by 6:30 for detention duty. I had 18 little delinquents that got to spend 45 min. with me writing about what they did to land them in detention at 7am. After that ball of fun time, I then had my classes and during my planning period I graded and called parents. I stayed after school for tutoring and to help some of my kids with their projects for my class. I then drove to school for my painting class, where I worked on my painting and then collage. Left class at 9:45 and got home at 11:30, and thinking I'm going to be in bed at around 1:30am...I Very Long day!!!
   I got Auggie some some new toys today. I got him a scratching post in the hopes that he will use that and not my furniture. Well I'm off to bed...
                                                                       -Till Tomorrow

Auggie and his new toys

Auggie lunging for the camera

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