Monday, March 1, 2010

My Toys

I got a new phone today!!!! I love my new Black Berry Curve! So it came in today and I spent most of the afternoon playing with it and making it very "Sylvia." 
I had good intentions to grade some papers and call parents, but sadly that did not happen. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I have to say, Im very proud of my self and that I did not bid on anything on ebay tonight. But I did find so many cute and good deals yesterday and Saturday. I can't wait till the packages start to come in...its almost as good as Christmas. Yea, my own lil Christmas in March! So my second favorite holiday is coming up, St. Patrick's Day!! Green is my Favorite color and I love clover so its a match. Also, I love all things Irish and Scottish. I'm going to get there to see it one day, hopefully next year.  Well its late and I have detention in the morning, got 18 lil boogers that should show up!
-Till Tomorrow 
My Favorite Toys!!!

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