Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Quiet Saturday Night with just Auggie and I and some Law & Order

   Spending a quiet Sat. in. I really haven't gotten to much done today besides running to town to take care of some errands. Cleaned up around the house some, organized and went through mail, and washed a sink full of dishes. So me and Auggie are bugging each other and I'm going to go ahead and do my lesson plans for next week while watching Law & Order. I'm also going to make our reservations for our Spring Break trip. Were doing a girls weekend of shopping and spa, should be a lot of fun! I can't believe that we only have 4 more school days till we're off for Spring Break!! This semester is going by so fast. Well much to blog about tonight so I will sign off. Have a great Sunday!           -Till Tomorrow

Some funny pics:

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