Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Review Day

   We are in review mode this week due to exams that start tomorrow. I have created my Geography exam, a beautiful 150 question test that will test the freshman's mind on all things geography from North America to Russia. We all enjoyed a day of fun filled game playing review games. They just love to play games where they compete against each other in groups. I'm so proud of some of my students that I have seen such a huge turn around with their studying and grades. They have really been studying and applying themselves and I'm hoping for all passing grades, if not all B's or higher.  So tomorrow we start the exams but we don't have a half day tomorrow, but we do on Friday! Oh, and I'm super excited about going to my first St. Patrick's Day parade this weekend!!! I love St. Patrick's Day!!! As I stated before in my previous post, I have started a charm bracelet. Its Juicy Couture and just so cute, and the first charm that I got is a four leaf clover... and it just so happens to be my pic of the day.
  Well, I'm so tired and not much to blog about today so...         -Till Tomorrow

My Lil Bit of Luck 

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Jessica Blood said...

I love the bracelet so pretty, I like st patrick's Day also,maybe b/c I'm Irish!!
Oh, and the last stament reminds me of my fair lady, was that intentional?
Wit a litle bit o luck we want get stuck!!