Friday, March 19, 2010

Room 152

  There are days that I feel that I reside at room 152. Its a happy lil place, and best of all its my space. I have to say that Katrina Ally has to be the best high school hallway. Yeah we don't have hallways with walls, we have to fight the gnats, and when it rains it really pours. But its the people that also call this hallway their home away from home that make it what it is. Were there for each other and help when we can. We share the day to day gripes that come with the job, as well as the joys that sometimes brighten our day. People have come and gone but the group that we have there now seem to be staying around for quite some time. It makes the day so much easier when you know a friend is next door or just down the hall. Someone today said that we were a hallway click, well we are if a click is defined as a group that gets along, shares the same goal (to try and teach each and everyday) and knows how to have fun. But I tend to view clicks as closed off and stuck up, and well thats just not the case with us at all. So here's to all who reside with me down our hall...glad your with me through it all (PLC's, PD's, crazy parent calls, when your a dream crusher, when your "not" teaching higher order thinking, when they evaluate,  all the crazy clubs, and drama that comes with the job!)

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