Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two New Friends

  Last semester I had bought this really pretty Beta Fish for my classroom and I'm sad to say that it only made it for two months!!! I was so surprised that it died.
   One of the reasons I was so shocked by his sudden death was the fact that I had one while I was in college. When I went to Europe my roommate forgot to feed him and clean his bowl, so upon my return, I was surprised to find him still alive and swimming. His bowl was Super dirty, so as the responsibly pet owner that I am, I got everything ready to clean out his bowl. Well to do this I would pour most of the water out and then pour the remaining water and fish into a small butter bowl. So I was completing this task, as I had done before, over my sink when he decided to make a run for it. Well I will just tell you that I had a garbage disposal in my sink and when he made a run for it, that was where he landed. Maybe he had watched Finding Nemo and thought that the drain would lead to an ocean, but it just led to him lying on top of the garbage disposal blades. So then it came down to the question, do I turn it on and let it be a quick death, or do I try and figure out how to retrieve him?? Well I just could not flip the switch with him staring at me with his one bulgy fish eye, and decided that a retrieval was in order. So I grabbed my cheater chopsticks (the ones that look like large clothes pins) and went in for the save. I was able to pull him free, but not without forfeiting some of his frilly tale. Even after all of this the fish lived, yes he did swim a little strange without all of his tail, but he lived for quite some time after that. 
  So, having personally experienced the durability of a Beta Fish I thought that it was a wise chose as a classroom fish and would be able to survive whatever a freshmen class through it's way. Boy was I was wrong! I never took into account that Freshmen would think it was funny to put hand sanitizer into a fish's bowl. So two months and a few days I find Mr Kane belly up in his bowl. Of course the students told on each other and that was how I came to find out what was the cause of Kane's untimely death...Murder by hand sanitizer! 
  So I have had an empty fishbowl in my classroom for some time and today one of my students brought me two new little guppies. I have put them on my desk in the hopes that they may live longer then our past friend. So now lil Tigris and Euphrates are happily swimming in their new home. All hand sanitizer has been kept at a safe distances in the hopes of saving them from the fate of their predecessor.
                                   -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. I think you could easily write and draw the pictures for children's books. You should see about taking a class or two I think you would be good at it.
luv ya, mom