Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a week

Hope that everyone had a very happy St. Patrick's day! I was decked out in my green and enjoyed this day as I always do. So this has been a very interesting work week and were only on Wed. We started test prep today and had the whole Jr class all in the library going over test questions and word, wow! I also decided that it was time to redo my seating arrangement in my classroom. I have been having some issues with talking in class and students not staying on task. So I just need to separate some people to help remove the distractions. Tomorrow will be so funny as they all walk in and look for their names on the desks and the sign of a really good seating arrangement is the audible Auhhhh that will be heard across the classroom. 
I've been thinking about going back to school to start on my masters. I'm not sure if I'm really ready to be back in the classroom as a student, and I'm still paying on the first degree. But if I ever want to move up and maybe one day be in administration then I need it. Just not sure, maybe I will just see what happens. 
Well tomorrow is my really long day. I have detention, tutoring, and then my art class till 10pm with an hour drive home. Well it looks like I could be in bed before Midnight so I will leave you with my daily pic. Its of my classroom and the new seating arrangements that had me at school till 5. 
-Till Tomorrow   

My new classroom set up! Not as easy as it looks. You have to figure out which kids are going to sit to the front, which ones can you trust in the back, who can sit together, who are your talkers, who you want close to you so you have easy access to help them stay on task. Then you have to make sure that all students can move around the room without mishap and I like to be able to walk around and see what everyone is working on. Oh, and I have to make sure that all of the students can see the Smart Board. Plus, there are the kids that cant sit next to each other unless you want to be cleaning up bloodshed, the girls who have stolen each others boyfriends and the boys that cant sit next to the girls that they are trying to get with. Class clowns in the back so they don't have an audience, talkers scattered about the front rows with quiet kid between them, and smart kids together so that the not so smart kids doesn't just copy all the smart kids work and never do any of his own. Oh, and then there are a few parents that have requested that their student be moved to the front, as close to me as possible....yay!!
All of that just so that they can sit and learn.

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