Friday, April 30, 2010

What a Shame! We Lost the Game!!

   Today was our 2nd Annual Cabbageball Game. The injure list read like this:
1 teacher draws blood on her on arm when she cut herself with her ring.
2 teachers bleeding from their knees after sliding into base (one was pretty bad)
1 sprained ankle
1 jammed finger and 
2 pulled muscles.
And all of that was just from our team of teachers! But we did beat the parents and then lost to the students. On top of all the injures we all found out just how out of shape we all were. We discovered that many of us are not athletically inclined and that we enjoyed talking trash to the kids about beating them more then we did playing them. More then anything its about getting out there with the kids and looking a fool and having a good time. They loved watching Ms. Latham and Ms. Stallings strike out, and watching Ms. Latham and Ms. LaJack try to avoid the ball by playing out outfield. So no doubt we will not hear the end of them kicking out butts and we definitely have to start drafting for the teachers team for next year!  -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeping them busy

My lil Angels pointing to their work
   By far my 4th period class is the most troublesome, but also has some of the funniest kids ever!!  There is always that one class that is the most trying and has some of the most extrema personalities and ends up being my most-liked (I don't like to use the word favorite). And by far the kids in my 4th crack me up!  Here is one of my lil comics that decided to use the class rain stick to do a little rain dance. I acquired the rain stick from one of my students who made it for extra credit (yeah, Im that kind-of teacher. The one that gives extra credit for stuff I can keep in my classroom). So as a teacher there are always those kids in your class that finish before everyone else and well if you don't have something to fill their time with they will find something to do. Let me just tell you, you don't want them to decide what they will do with their idle time. After becoming a teacher I truly found out where the term, "Idle hands are the devils workshop," comes from. So good teachers always have "early finisher work" ready and waiting for those lil smarty speed demons, and mine happens to be making the flags of the countries that we are studying. My 4th period has many lil boogers that have the potential to turn into "devil's workshops," that would put a sweatshop in India to shame. But now that I have the flags they love it and seems to be keeping them busy till everyone else can get caught up. And again, this all serves as great stuff to put in my classroom. The great kind-of stuff that observers just love to see when they come to observe me, yes I know I have an alliterative motives...and they are pretty!
Sometimes I can't wait for the bell to ring and then other days I can't believe that I get paid to do this. I would say that 99% of the time I love my job, the other 1% I can't think straight enough to come to any conclusion.   -Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

   Today was a beautiful day for a field trip!!! We had such a good time visiting the State Capital building and I even learned a good bit. I did not know that LA had the tallest capital building of the 50 states. We rode the elevator all the way to the top deck and went out and walked around...pretty cool. The kids had a good time and we all enjoyed the beautiful day. After we did the tour of the new capital building we rode over to the old one, its really a beautiful structure and has gorgeous grounds. We had our lunch sitting outside under some trees and had a lot of fun. We got some good and fun pictures and I will post them soon. So, I did have a lil bit of a field trip mishap. We were supposed to be back by 1:30 and didn't get back till 3:45!! I mean we did go all the way to BR, but my principal was great about it and the kids sure didn't mind one bit.   -Till Tomorrow 

The Group

On the 27th floor of the State Capital Building

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

   This is the completed picture. I finished up my class for this semester and finished with an A. The painting didn't photography so well. I really enjoyed taking the class but not the long drive and late nights. I may look into taking another art class but I'm going to try and stay away from classes that start at 7 and end at 10! At least I have my phone and can talk most of the drive home. Well its late and I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is my field trip to the state capital building. Should be fun, I'm only taking 14 students so not a huge crowd.  -Till Tomorrow

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Fun Day

    Today was a Fun teaching day!! I'm teaching South Asia and I always do a fun activity to help the students understand the caste system. I separate all of them into the different levels and have a King and a Priest and even Untouchables. I have props and pass out cookies, with the king and priest getting the most cookies and then each level gets less and less til the untouchables (the largest group) having to split one cookie. It teaches them how in places around the world resources are dispersed. It's always one of my kids favorite activities and one that the students in the higher levels want to always continue for the rest of the week. The weeks are flying by and I can't believe that my seniors take their final exams next week. I was asked to be a counselor for a camp that starts the 31st of May and goes till June 11th. So I'm working that camp and then a few weeks off till the end of July and I'm going to be working another camp and then YMI. This is the first summer in three years that I haven't traveled somewhere. I'm really hoping to at least get in a dive trip. Well tomorrows a busy day.    -Till Tomorrow

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Sunday

   Today was such a beautiful day, the sun was shinning and I decided to lay out and soak up some rays. I really didn't do to much today. I slept in due to the fact that I didn't get home till after 1am. We had our school prom and me and a few of the teachers went to chaperon. Everything was really nice and the kids were good. So by the time I got home and got in and ready for bed it was almost 2am, so I slept till almost noon! I had some laundry to do and then I just went and enjoyed the beautiful day relaxing in my lawn chair. I really should be working on my lesson plans but I always seem to find something else that demands my attention, or at least seems to need my attention more then the lesson plans. It's back to work tomorrow and it seems like I didn't even have a weekend. This week is going to be super busy! We have professional development tomorrow and the next day and then Wed. I'm taking my Civics class to the New and Old State Capital Buildings for a field trip. I also have my last two painting classes this Tue. and Thur. and then we have our annual Cabbage Ball game on Fri at school. On top of all that we're about to hit May which is one of the busiest months for us at school. My Sr. only have one more week and then they are done...I will miss them, this was a really good senior class. Well need to get to bed, got to get to work early to clean up all the Wacky Olympics stuff that got threw in my classroom on Fri.          -Till Tomorrow
Thought I would share with you some of my favorite pics from Italy. Really wanting to go on a trip...I feel the lil tingles of unrest that I get now and again when I get the feeling to go.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yep, its the Prom...

   Tonight was SPHS's Prom. I have to say that this was my first prom and it was not at all like I thought it was going to be. It was funny to see all the kids sitting around texting. A few danced but not like I thought. It was fun to see all of my students dressed up and ready to go out on the town. Had a lot of fun at dinner before with some of my favorite coworkers. I really am blessed to have some really great people that I work with. Here are some pics of our fun night.   -Till Tomorrow
Some of the Best coworkers Ever!

They just had to try them on

Wendell...this kid makes me laugh everyday!

Love me some Shelley...she has been an Awesome Student Council President and a huge help to us!

Friday, April 23, 2010

We Went Wacky Today!!

   More like I went crazy today! So our school does a yearly Wacky Olympics, in which the different grade levels compete against one another in crazy wacky games. This picture is of me cracking up as one of the Juniors completes the final part of the Wacky Relay. It was a fun time for the students and some of the teachers did enjoy watching the different grades do crazy things to try and beat the other teams. Much to everyone's surprise the 8th grade was today's winner, Congrats to them. They competed in such games as the Blindfolded Jell-O Eating Contest, The Sack Race, Junk in the Trunk (a tissue box was filled with ping-pong balls and tied to the small of their backs and they had to shake the balls out without lifting their feet off the ground or touching the ground with their hands), Snot River, Wacky Relay, The Egg Toss, and Over and Under. There was a lot of fun had by all and a big mess to clean up. I have to say that I have a pretty awesome group of students that are on my Student Council. They really stepped up and did their part for this event. So all we have is Prom tomorrow night and then hoping for a relaxing Sunday. Tomorrow should be fun! A bunch of us teachers are going to help set up and then go and get ready and on to dinner before we go to chaperon the dance at 9:00pm. Well its late and I really need to get me some beauty sleep...  -Till Tomorrow
This kid ate some Jell-O!!

Under and Over

Yep, Sack Race

Wacky Relay

The Sr. team trying to bring them all across the Snot River at one time

They did not make it...

Over and Under

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Only Two More Classes Left

   Things were pretty crazy and so no pic today. I forgot my camera and was so tired that I just want to fall in bed. Tomorrow is the Wacky Olympics and I'm so ready for it to be over.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tree in Room and Other Random Things

Tree in Room
   Not the best photo...My newest painting in progress. I love trees and I'm enjoying this painting a lot. This week is going by so fast! Friday can't get here soon enough! I will take my camera with me to class on Thur. so that I can get a better picture. Had to leave school today to go to the doctor and then I went to clean my car. Today was the second time I made the drive to town and I have to go back tomorrow for class. I only have 3 more classes left and then no more leaving from school to go to my painting class and getting home at 11pm. Tomorrow should be fun, Project Law will come and speak to the kids so that pretty much takes my whole 4th period time so that means I have to make some changes. The last couple of weeks of school are all about being flexible because you just never know what each day will bring. Well need to go and get some sleep...I want to get to bed before Midnight so I can get more then just a nap. ;)          -Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

  Yep they are waiting on the 3:00 bell...its like the running of the bulls when it rings. Today was pretty good. I did have one lil incident with two students. I turn around for a split second and I hear a girl scream. When I turn to see whats happening there is two of my boys, with the girl in her desk, and they have lifted the whole desk, and her, into the air! Really!?!... and this was after I had already told both boys to sit and clam themselves down. Some days I just don't know what they are thinking??
   So following that fun filled school day I was off to my painting class. Painted more on my painting and really starting to like it. Didn't get home till 11:00 pm and I'm so tired. Well off to bed.     -Till Tomorrow

Monday, April 19, 2010

Put On My Thinking Shoes, Or At Least They Were Today...

Today was a Monday! As always the kids were a lil wild, seems that Monday is when they all catch up on what they did over the weekend. Today went by really fast for the most part. We had a lot of fun since all of our internet and phones were down. Seems that the construction crew working around it likes to take it out every few months. I'm praying that we're back up and running tomorrow. So that just added to all that is great and wonderful about Monday. I also had my student council meeting during lunch and we worked on getting things organized for our upcoming Wacky Olympics that is this Friday. The next two weeks are jammed packed and I just can't believe that we only have 27 school days left till summer break!!! Yes, yes I'm counting down. So for some strange reason I just could not fall asleep last night, it was as if I couldn't turn my brain off. Seems that I had a lot to think about lately. So I tried praying thinking that would put me to sleep (I don't mean that in any bad way but some of my best naps have been when I was supposed to be praying) but did not work. Finally fell asleep around 2:30 am. So I'm thinking for sure that I would be dragging today but it seems that 4 1/2 cups of coffee can get you through just about anything. Plus, after school it was such a beautiful day that I put on my walking shoes and hit the track. So I intended to just get my 2 miles in like I do when I finally get myself to go and walk. Well it seemed that I still had some things to think about and the more I thought the more I walked and the more I walked the more I thought till I had walked 4 miles. I had intended to wash my car when I got home, but due to my extended time on the track it was too late to get to it today so I guess thats on the list for tomorrow. Well I'm off to bed and hoping that I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow...     -Till Tomorrow

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All things to all men...

   Today was a nice relaxing Sunday. I love that we have our services at 6pm and get to relax on Sunday mornings. I'm not looking forward to going back tomorrow and really had to make myself focus to get some stuff typed up for the Student Council meeting we have tomorrow. I also have not yet  gotten my lesson plans finished, but I have pretty much what I'm doing in my head. 
   Tonight's church service was good. Dad talked about how we have to be all things to all people and that we took part of the Crawfish boil so that we, as a church, could be a presence in the community. His verse was 1 Cor. 9:19-22, and how Paul talks about becoming as a Jew so that he might gain the Jews and how he became as others (but still keeping within his standards) so that he may gain some. I like this verse, but also realize that you have to watch that you just don't become like all men. What I think he was saying was to be open to others and make the Christian  walk just that, a walk and not a pushing contest. We shouldn't have to push our beliefs on others, but we should live our life in a way, along side those that are not Christians, that they see a difference in our lives. I try to do this, but I have to admit I don't always succeed. I pray that those around me can see a light or difference in my life.  
                                                                                                                                  -Till Tomorrow

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a Great Day for a Crawfish Boil!

   It was a gorgeous day today and a perfect day for the Crawfish Cookoff. I still can't believe how many people showed up, they say that there was over 10,000!! They started to run out of crawfish early and people were still coming. It was so good to see everyone, some people I saw I hadn't seen since before Katrina. Most of the family was there, that includes cousins, aunts, uncles, second and third cousins and even a great uncle & aunt. Kids were everywhere and it seemed that everyone had grown up, gotten married, had kids, or changed in some way. There was good music, really good food and lots of good friends, all of which equal a Very Good Time!!!! I still was not feeling 100% so I came home a lil early and ended up taking some medication and falling asleep. I'm ready to be over this lil bug! Well tomorrow is Sunday and that means getting ready for the school week and church. I've got a busy week coming up and really need to get somethings done.   -Till Tomorrow

Lydia and I
Mommies, Babies and Nan Syl
Lee practicing for when he has two

Friday, April 16, 2010

Half a Day and Thank God!!

   Still not feeling well and I'm so happy that today was a half a day! 12:15 couldn't come early enough. I came home and took something and went to bed. I took a 4 hour nap and have pretty much just been laying around. Hoping I feel better tomorrow so I can go to the Crawfish Cookoff. Should be a lot of fun and a ton of people. -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not feeling so well...

I'm not feeling so well today. I think one of my kids gave me his bug, Its going around at school. I went to my painting class early and got some work done on my new project. But started feeling bad and came home early and I'm about to go to bed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just wanting to sail away

  Another day of testing and I really wish I had a boat to sail away on. Been stuck in the classroom for the last two days watching kids take a test and today I was about to lose it. You can't read, talk, sit, or do anything besides watch them take their test. Then once they are done they go wild! We do get out early tomorrow, but some students are still testing so not back to full teaching just yet. I can't believe that my seniors only have 18 days left. The next three weeks are going to be so busy! I'm so read for summer break. -Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Crazy Day!

   So we're still testing and I'm so ready for it to be over! The morning was ok, then after the testing periods the kids were moved around and things got a lil crazy. We can't teach so we have to just keep them in the classroom and watch movies or something like that. I for one would rather teach because if you know anything about teaching, its so much better when you keep them busy. We call it, "teaching from bell to bell." One good thing is that we are getting out at 2 this week except for Fri. we go half day. So when that bell rang at 2 we we're all ready to go!! I had an appointment to get my windows tinted, pick up t-shirts for our Student Council Wacky Olympics, get my tire fixed, and then get a canvas on my way to my art class. I was able to get everything done and got to my art class a lil early. We started a new painting in class and I'm pretty excited about this one, it has a tree in it. 
I'm really pleased with how great my car turned out. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wow 101!!!!

   Can't believe that this is my 101 blog post!! I also can't believe that we're almost half way through April. Today we started state testing and I have to just say that I HATE state testing!!!! So today was crazy and I just want to crash. This is my book for April. Really got to get on this one, just starting it and the month is moving quickly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Advancment, thank God for it!!

Our present game
   Prior to Katrina we had a weekly Sunday night Scrabble game that was held at my uncle's. Now in our family we can get pretty serious about the game and in some cases it has even turned into a full body contact sport. There have been many different players and some more fun then the others. My friend Amy, who played with us often, likes to make up her own words. My cousin Bri, the English teacher, made sure that we kept it all grammatically  correct. We occasionally pulled out the dictionary and almost all games included a large bowl of popcorn. 
   Now, post Katrina, things have changed a bit and we are not all living in the same town and our Sunday night games are no longer. But we have adapted and adjusted and thanks to Facebook we can resume our Scrabble play. It's amazing to me that we now play online and across the state. How things have changed!!! I have to admit that I'm still sometimes amazed at all the things that technology lets us do and is able to do. I will age myself, but I remember when car phones first came out and when the first person I know got a VHS player. Now I sit at home and watch a show that I DVRed and play Scrabble with my cousin, who lives four hours away, online. Advancement, its a beautiful thing!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let It Snow!

   Yes, I'm a bit of a gadget geek and I'm excited about updating Ruby (my computer) to Snow Leopard. I can't even start to think what life would be like without my computer! Got to hang out with my niece and nephew today. They are such cool lil kids! I went to town and had to run a few errands. I also found a cute dress for the Prom. Yes, I will be chaperoning the prom this year and me and a few of the other teachers decided to get dressed up and go eat out before we go and keep the peace at "The Dance."
Well not much else to report...going back up everything and do my upgrade. 
                                                    -Till Tomorrow

Friday, April 9, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New

Today I bought a new car!!!! I also sold my old car. I bought a '04 Honda Accord, fully loaded. I'm really excited about the sunroof and its in such Great condition! I have been driving Dot, my '98 Nissan Sentra for over 9 years. It was a good car and still running but it was time for a trade up. So Im thinking of tinting the windows and I of course have to get a hook up for my iPod installed, so going to add a lil bit to it.
 Tomorrow I'm going into town to pick up the t-shirts for the Student Council's Wacky Olympics. But not much planned for the weekend, going to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Hope you have a Happy Saturday!!     -Till Tomorrow

The Old

The New

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soap Fun

   This was a gift from one of my students...she made it in Fine Arts from a bar of soap. So I was very happy that my class fish didn't die over Spring Break and today one of my kids brought in a turtle. So the turtle hung out in the fish bowl with Tigris and Euphrates (yep thats the names of fish, I do teach Geog.). Today was crazy! The kids are all getting antsy as we move into State Testing, I will be so glad when it over!! So its Thur. so that means that I had detention. I had 10 kids that joined me for a lil early morning quality time spent writing about what got them in my room at 7am. It's always so funny to me when they have to answer about why they are in detention. Some go the honest route and fess up to the rules that they broke. While others lie, and make up some of the best stories about what landed them in detention. I love when they say it was the teachers fault or they always love to blame it on their friends. 
   So that was my morning, I then reviewed all day for their test tomorrow and then did after school tutoring. I then drove to town to go to my painting class. I sat in my painting class for aver 40 min. waiting on the professor to show when we all finally signed a roll and called it a night. So I drove for over an hour to not have class and turn around and drive home. So that was my day in a nut shell.  -Till Tomorrow  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Things Done

  Today I got some things done that I have been putting off for some time. The first was hanging some art that I got on my last trip (see pic below) and the second was getting a new car. I got the loan today to buy my new car, well its new for me. I'm buying a Honda Accord and I'm pretty excited. My poor lil Nissan Sentra has been a great car, but it was time. So I called the insurance company and got my approval for my loan, which I'm happy to say will be paid off in 3 years, and called the seller to make arrangements. So now just waiting on the paperwork to be finalized. I also may have found a buyer for my car, I'm selling it for $1500. I just realized that I have had Dot for almost 9 years!!!! So yeah, I think its time for a trade up. Well its Thur. tomorrow and that means my LONG day so I'm off to bed.  -Till Tomorrow

My art I bought while in Belize. Its feathers!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Connected with Old Friends

  There's nothing like the familiarity of an old friendship. With changes and seasons of our life we sometimes drift from those we have always held close. Life can lead us down different roads and bring new people to travel along the new paths with us. But its always good when we can reconnect with those that just get us, in the words of an old good friend, "Its like coming home." You have to value those that know the most about us and still choose to be around us, like us when we sometimes don't like ourselves, can tell us honestly how we look in stretch skinny jeans (yes, they are not for everyone), and tell us when we need to get over ourselves. They are the ones who cry with us, laugh with us and know all of our inside jokes. They are not easily replaced and there is an ease when life brings them back.  -Till Tomorrow
"It's the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it's the little differences that make them interesting."      -Todd Ruthman
 "We love those who know the worst of us and don't turn their faces away."  -Walker Percy
 "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."    -Elisabeth Foley

The Pics for today highlight just a few of some of the great friendship that I have been Blessed with along the road of life. They have made me laugh, helped me through hard times, held my hand as I freaked out, given me wake up calls when I needed them, made me think outside my box, explore not only my world but ones I didn't know even existed, helped me conquer fear, learn more about myself, and see that friendship and moments, memories, and love are what makes this life what it is.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Another Monday

It was back to school today. The kids were a little wild, as they always are when we come back from a break, but things went good. We started test prepping them for state testing next week. They are pretty much ready to go. I'm praying that we all do well. Well tomorrow I have my usually morning detention duty and its going to be a long day starting with that and then tutoring after school and then on to painting class. I really want to stay home tomorrow and skip my class but I did that all last week. No, wait it was their Spring Break as well so I don't think they had classes as well...Hmmm maybe I will skip. Only reason I really want to skip, besides the fact that I really just don't feel like driving all the way to town, is Rachel and her family are down for a fishing trip and they are going to be coming over for dinner with my family. And of course my mom will be cooking a spread, as she always does, and I don't want to miss out on all the food and fun!!!!!
So for my art class that I'm trying to skip, I had to go and look at some 20th century Surrealist and one of them my teacher told me to look at was Rene Magritte. If your not to up on your artist you may recognize his work from the movie the Thomas Crown Affair. Here are a few of his... -Till Tomorrow