Sunday, April 11, 2010

Advancment, thank God for it!!

Our present game
   Prior to Katrina we had a weekly Sunday night Scrabble game that was held at my uncle's. Now in our family we can get pretty serious about the game and in some cases it has even turned into a full body contact sport. There have been many different players and some more fun then the others. My friend Amy, who played with us often, likes to make up her own words. My cousin Bri, the English teacher, made sure that we kept it all grammatically  correct. We occasionally pulled out the dictionary and almost all games included a large bowl of popcorn. 
   Now, post Katrina, things have changed a bit and we are not all living in the same town and our Sunday night games are no longer. But we have adapted and adjusted and thanks to Facebook we can resume our Scrabble play. It's amazing to me that we now play online and across the state. How things have changed!!! I have to admit that I'm still sometimes amazed at all the things that technology lets us do and is able to do. I will age myself, but I remember when car phones first came out and when the first person I know got a VHS player. Now I sit at home and watch a show that I DVRed and play Scrabble with my cousin, who lives four hours away, online. Advancement, its a beautiful thing!!!

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