Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Crazy Day!

   So we're still testing and I'm so ready for it to be over! The morning was ok, then after the testing periods the kids were moved around and things got a lil crazy. We can't teach so we have to just keep them in the classroom and watch movies or something like that. I for one would rather teach because if you know anything about teaching, its so much better when you keep them busy. We call it, "teaching from bell to bell." One good thing is that we are getting out at 2 this week except for Fri. we go half day. So when that bell rang at 2 we we're all ready to go!! I had an appointment to get my windows tinted, pick up t-shirts for our Student Council Wacky Olympics, get my tire fixed, and then get a canvas on my way to my art class. I was able to get everything done and got to my art class a lil early. We started a new painting in class and I'm pretty excited about this one, it has a tree in it. 
I'm really pleased with how great my car turned out. 

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