Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st

"April 1 is the day upon which we are reminded what we are on the other 364."  -Mark Twain

   Today is April Fools Day, and well I have to tell you I really wasn't sure why. So, as with everything now days that we're not sure about, I Googled it! Seems it has to do with where the New Years used to be and when they changed the date they would play pranks on people that didn't know that it had been changed. Each country has their own way of taking part in the holiday. I have to say that I did not play any pranks today, and thankfully had none played on me. I had a wonderful lunch with Bri, Lee and Bella and then got on the road headed to Lake Charles. I'm still amazed by the capabilities of my GPS. They are just the smartest lil things and I listen to that my car its hilarious at the authority that I give to it. But it has earned that trust by skillfully guiding me and has yet to lead me astray.Well I'm here in Lake Charles to be a judge for Fine Arts and I have a short story to read so... -Till Tomorrow

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