Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cleaning House and Dying Eggs

   So I have been gone pretty much most of my Spring Break, now with only one day left to go its time to get everything ready to go back to work. I have been cleaning house most of the day. I have put somethings off and there was no more putting it off. So I scrubbed, washed, dusted, swept, vacuumed, mopped, and wiped down. I even went through closets and cleaned out those catch all drawers and baskets that seem to collect all the stuff that doesn't have a home. I can't believe how fast this break has gone by!!! And once we return to work on Monday there are no breaks left till summer break. And we also enter one of the busiest times of the school year. We only have 34 school days left and I couldn't be happier! But, within those 34 days we have so much to get done. 
    So after cleaning the house and grilling some burgers for supper it was time to dye some eggs. Now if you haven't already figured this out about me, I love holidays! And I love that there are certain things that you do on holidays, and dying eggs is one of those things. I do it every year and this year it was my niece Sophie's first year to dye eggs with her Nan Syl. She is still a bit young, but their never to young to get them started. She had a good time and was watching every little thing that we were doing. So I have posted some pics of our fun time dying eggs. (I know the last few days I have had to skip on posting pics, but the daily pics are back!!)     -Till Tomorrow
Sophie with her eggs
Nan Syl and Sophie
Our finished product

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