Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Another Monday

It was back to school today. The kids were a little wild, as they always are when we come back from a break, but things went good. We started test prepping them for state testing next week. They are pretty much ready to go. I'm praying that we all do well. Well tomorrow I have my usually morning detention duty and its going to be a long day starting with that and then tutoring after school and then on to painting class. I really want to stay home tomorrow and skip my class but I did that all last week. No, wait it was their Spring Break as well so I don't think they had classes as well...Hmmm maybe I will skip. Only reason I really want to skip, besides the fact that I really just don't feel like driving all the way to town, is Rachel and her family are down for a fishing trip and they are going to be coming over for dinner with my family. And of course my mom will be cooking a spread, as she always does, and I don't want to miss out on all the food and fun!!!!!
So for my art class that I'm trying to skip, I had to go and look at some 20th century Surrealist and one of them my teacher told me to look at was Rene Magritte. If your not to up on your artist you may recognize his work from the movie the Thomas Crown Affair. Here are a few of his... -Till Tomorrow

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